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How are the Christians treated in Turkey?

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The Christians or people of any other faith are treated no different than the Muslims.

Constitutionally, Turkey is a secular country and is a candidate for membership in EU.

Turkey is a multicultural and ethnically diversified society and has been for centuries due to the influx of peoples from different race, religion, color, creed, national origin and culture. During Ottoman empire, Jews were not only tolerated but flourished.

We have found Turkish people in general to be hospitable and friendly during our extended trips to Turkey. In general, it is highly unlikely, that anybody will be particularly interested in your faith, except perhaps as a curiosity in very friendly conversation.

In business settings, the question of religion is completely inappropriate and is never asked. Personal prejudices and biases of individuals cannot be eradicated by enforcing laws except to learn to respect others' points of view and tolerance.

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There is an important distinction to be made between tourists who happen to be Christians (even overtly like missionaries) and endemic Christians who live in Turkey on a day-to-day basis. The former are well-treated since speaking well of Turkey will promote tourism to that country and increase its wealth. As for the few remaining endemic Christians, especially in Istanbul (which remains one of the most important Patriarchates in Orthodox Church) have been the targets of abuse and bullying.

Historically, the area of modern Turkey had a much larger Christian population than it does today and had two major Christian minorities: the Armenian Apostolics and the Greek Orthodox. The Armenians were mass-murdered (1.8 million individuals) from 1915-1917 in what the Turks refuse call a genocide to this day. The towns and cities in which they used to live have been renamed and there are now almost no Armenians left in Turkey. The Greek Orthodox were removed through a population exchange with Greece in which Greece gave up its Muslim population. This would serve to create two relatively homogenous countries, but remove the need of the Turkish government to deal with the Greek Orthodox community within its borders.

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Only Christians in turkey celebrate christmas.

The major religion in Turkey is Islam , and christians are there as well, but a minority.

Only one percent of Turkey is non Muslim. The christians are scattered in Istanbul, Izmir, Kayseri, Kars, and other cities.

AnswerMemebers of some religions have always treated people who hold different beliefs to their own in a quite negative way. Christians have treated Muslims and Jews poorly, Muslims have treated Christians and Jews poorly, at times Jews have treated Christians poorly. Each group believes that only its scriptures are true and that to claim otherwise is an insult to that religion's founder.

Just Christians celelbrate it as "Christmas" in Turkey.Also Turkey has no special vacation for Christmas.

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Christians and Jews are treated by Muslims with kindness, peacefulness, and tolerance. Muslims allow them to practice their ritual worships freely and safely.

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They treated them so cruel that they publically burnt them in arenas.

around 2% of Turkey is of the Christian Faith. A few specific example may be found at the Wikipedia page 'Conversions to Christianity'.

Thousands of Americans were not killed in Turkey in 1915. It was Armenians who were killed. The Turkish Army rounded up thousands of male Christians in Turkey and killed them. Turkey denied the killings of the Armenians.

The Christians were prosecuted if the government found out about them. If they were caught they were thrown into a lions den or get killed at the spot. Some times they would have shows of Christians getting killed.

Christians are treated just fine in Spain. It has been a Christian country for mor than 1000 years.

Most people in Turkey are Muslim, so they wouldn't celebrate Easter. Christians who live in Turkey celebrate Easter much like those in countries celebrate it.

There were no "Christians" after Jesus died. They were all Jews, some of whom believed Jesus Christ was the Son of God.

It started long ago in the mid 1800's, but the people of Turkey had to celebrate Christmas secretly in order to not be killed because the majority of Turkey is either Islamic or Jewish, most of them are not christians.

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