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How are the Irish Clans different from the Scots?

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Why was the barren in Ireland made?

How did clans help the Scots -- Irish survive

Where did the Scots Gaelic language originate?

Scottish Gaelic evolved from Irish Gaelic spoken by Irish clans who moved to Scotland from Ireland.

How were the Scots-irish organized?

They formed a clan system. Clans are large groups of families that claim a common anncestor.

Is Irish different?

The Irish language is different to most languages, but there are some similar ones, like Scots Gaelic.

What has the author John C Linehan written?

John C. Linehan has written: 'The Irish Scots and the \\' -- subject(s): Scots-Irish, History, Irish Americans, Irish, Genealogy 'The Irish Scots and the Scotch-irish (Our Maryland Heritage)'

Scots-Irish migrated to America because of what?

The Scotch-Irish (or Scots-Irish) were forbidden to ship their dairy products, linens, and woolens to English markets, and they were faced with economic ruin.

Why did England not disband the Scottish clans?

Have you tried to tell the Scots what to do?

Why were the Scot's afraid of Irish?

The Scots are NOT afraid of the Irish.

What religion were the Scots-Irish?

Protestant, largely Presbyterian.

How do Scots feel about the Irish?

not much

What is the difference between the Scots-Irish and Irish?

The question asks about Scots-Irish, not Scotch-Irish. This is an important distinction. Scots-Irish are Americans descended from Scots (Scottish) who migrated into Northern Ireland about 200 years ago, give or take. Despite the widespread use of the term "Scotch" to refer to people, there are no people who are Scotch -- Scotch is whiskey. The Irish have essentially always been in either the Republic of Éire (Ireland) or in Northern Ireland. They did not migrate, and were never Scots to begin with.

The name mckendrick is it Irish or scottish?

It's probably Scots Irish.

Why did Scots-Irish migrate to America?

The Scots-Irish migrated to America for increased opportunities to make money, and to get out of a famine-stricken Ireland.

Did Germans and Scots-Irish live in the Southern Colonies?

Yes, they did. The Scots-Irish have many cultural things that we still practice today.

How did clans help the Scots-Irish survive?

Because everyone in the backcountry were strong fighters, and since every clan was loyal to each other, they banned together and survived with each others help.

Which people settled in Piedmont?

the scots-irish

Who settled the back country?


What is it when you are Scottish and Ulster Irish?


What was Sam Houston's ancestry?


Who are the shortest people in Europe?

Irish and Scots?

What does Scots-Irish mean?

People with a mix of Irish and Scottish heritage.

Is it true that the most numerous white ethnic groups in the colonies were the Germans and the Scots-Irish?

No. Though the Germans and Scots-Irish were two large ethnic groups in the colonies, the English were the most numerous.

Why did the Irish and Scottish come to Canada in the 18oo's?

the Scots helpe the war.the Irish had a famine.

What is the Scots Gaelic or Irish word for timeless?

Síoraí; bithbhuan; marthanach (all Irish)

What is the difference between Scots and Irish Gaelic?

They are different dialects of the Gaelic language group; as their names indicate Irish Gaelic is the dialect most often spoken in Ireland, and Scots Gaelic is spoken in Scotland.In most respects they are quite similar though some words, spelling, and pronunciation are different.ANOTHER VIEW:They are different enough to be classified as separate languages.

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