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How bad is it to get a tubal reversed after 5 years?

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Unfortunately I can not speak from experience but I have a friend (imagine that) that had a tubal done over 7 years ago and just about a month ago she got it reversed. She was not in the hospital for long and only stayed home from work for 2 weeks as she was advised to not do any heavy lifting and stay off her feet for a minimum of 7-10 days. She did say that she was in a bit of pain for the first 2 or 3 days but it was nothing a couple extra strength Tylenol couldn't handle. After that she was a little bit nauseous for the rest of the week but by the end of the 7 days she said she felt great and enjoyed her extra week off work. Good luck.

I have had a reversal 6 years after the tubal. I became pregnant within 7 months. Here is the link to the Doctor that preformed my surgery, Good Luck!!!

2015-07-15 20:49:15
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Can tubal clips come off after 5 years?

No. It is very hard to reverse this procedure once it is done.

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What should you do if you had your tubal done four years ago but you missed your period this month but had two periods last month?

see a dr since menstruatrion and tubal ligation are unrelated in the sequencing of occurance Definantly go get checked out...Tubes can come untied or you can have a tubal pregnancy. My mother in law got pregnant 13 years after having her tubes tied...When I got mine done 5 years ago, my doctor suggested having them checked every few years.

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How many women have become pregnant after there tubal ligation?


If your tubes were cauterized 5 years ago is it possible to have a reverse tubal ligation?

It is possible but each case has to be judged individually so ask your doctor what the chances are.

Can you become pregnant after having hulka clips placed on your fallopian tubes?

I have been doing a lot of research on line, and it appears that there are many factors that can effect your tubal ligation. for instance, the younger you are when you get your tubes tied, the more chance you have of them "healing" and becoming pregnant again, which can often happen up to and over 10 years after the tubal. also different tubal methods have different failure rates, but NONE OF THEM ARE 100% infact some sites state as many as 1 in 200 women can fall pregnant after a tubal ligation. thats ALOT! When you sign your papers for your tubal, it actually states that it isnt 100% I had my tubal done 5 years ago, and I am currently feeling very odd.

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Can you still get pregnant 5 years after tubal ligation?

There is less than a half a percent chance of getting pregnant after tubal ligation. In other words, for every 200 people that get tubal ligation done, one will be able to become pregnant. It is possible, but it is not probable, particularly if you have been having unprotected sex with a husband this entire time, and have not gotten pregnant until now.

What are the rules for tubal ligation?

I'm 22 years old had three children in 4 years. My last birth was 5 months ago and during my pregnancy I begged my doctor to have tubal ligation. I convinced her and the procedure was done during my caesarean section. Very happy I had it done, I don't need anymore children and I'm very happy with my 3 babies!

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yes u can have your time of the month while u are pregnant 2 of my friends did in the past through their whole pregnancy depends on your body....

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Does HCG hormone show up on home pregnancy test after a tubal ligation in 2000 HELP?

Yes you can have a positive test after a tubal. I also had a tubal in 2000. Took a home pregnancy test, 3 of them. All came back positive. This was just 5 weeks ago.

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