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Might just be a head gasket. If not the Blocks Cracked. Bad.

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Q: How bad is it when antifreeze leaks into a engine?
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Why is oil getting in antifreeze of your 87 b2000 causing thermostat to stickand engine overheat?

Oil/antifreeze mix is usually caused by head gasket leaks or valve cover gasket leaks.

Why your car is leaking antifreeze from the driver side it look that is leaking under the hose that runs from the radiator to the engine but it is not the hose would your engine be crack?

if it leaks on left side of engine at hose,could be a bad water pump! on 3.1 engine. if pump is bad it will leak out of releif hole on bottom of pump!

Can a intake manifold gasket cause antifreeze to leake?

Yes. Antifreeze is actually pumped through the intake manifold. If the gasket is bad it is possible that it leaks out

What are the effects of antifreeze mixing into the engine oil?

A bad head gasket is the most common cause of antifreeze mixing in the oil. The antifreeze will dilute the oil and it will eventually cause your engine to seize up.

How do you know when a heater core is bad?

You know the heater core is bad when your truck leaks antifreeze onto the floor of the passenger side.

Your 2004 H2500 Chevy smells like antifreeze but their is no leaks?

smell of antifreeze and no visable leaks usually indicates that the heater core needs replacing

Why does a 2001 S-10 smell moldy inside but no visible water leaks?

Some people say that the smell of hot antifreeze smells like mold. It could be possible you are smelling the antifreeze from the engine.

How would you fix your 1990 Honda Civic if antifreeze leaks into engine oil but a pressure test can not find the leak?

Blown head gasket.

Can water leaks make a car overheat?

If by water you mean engine coolant, yes. Loss of coolant, antifreeze, is a major cause of overheating.

Your 1997 Ford Escort wagon leaks antifreeze but cannot be found?


What would cause engine oil to leak into antifreeze?

cracked head or bad gasket

Antifreeze leaking from a small rubber hose from the side of engine?

bad hose like a pin hole or bad clamp

Are antifreeze leaks common with broken serpentine drive belts?

Its probably your water pump, which pumps coolant through the engine block to cool it down.

Why is there engine oil in the antifreeze?

if there is engine oil in the antifreeze generally indicates a cracked head on the engine

Is antifreeze the same colour when it leaks out of radiator?

Same color as what?

Can not find the antifreeze leak on a vortec 350 what to do?

Need to get a pressure tester for rad. Do not pump up over 10LBS. And then look at the rear corners of the intake real close for leaks. The vortec engines are none for intakes leaking antifreeze. BE SURE TO CHECK ENGINE OIL CLOSELY FOR ANTIFREEZE

Is an engine coolant leak bad?

Yes, If to much leaks out this will cause the engine to over heat, smoke and or stall hence the name engine COOLant :)

What would cause an antifreeze smell while engine is running on 2003 dodge ram 1500 with no noticeable leaks and cannot smell from inside the cab?

If you smell antifreeze, there must be a leak somewhere. Have the cooling system pressure tested.

When i add antifreeze to my carr it just leaks all out by the motor the the car starts to over heat what could be the problem?

possibly the water pump or a bad hose

Why is antifreeze in engine oil on a 88 Chevy 305?

usually a bad head gasket or cracked head

I have a 93 Plymouth Sundance what is the problem when antifreeze isn't circulating into your engine?

Probably a bad head gasket.

Antifreeze leaks out when you pour into radiator?

Find where it is running out and repair the cause.

What causes engine oil to get into the antifreeze reservoir?

A bad head gasket can do that or an engine oil cooler gone bad in the radiator. The year, make and model info would help.

Added antifreeze to surge tank on 2000 Alero now antifreeze leaks from back of engine only sometimes?

When running the air conditioner, there might be a small leak of fluid on the 2000 Alero after it is parked. This is normal as it is only the overflow valve being released. Always check the antifreeze level before operating the vehicle in the summer to prevent low antifreeze warnings.

Why is your 1995 Camry spilling green liquid?

The green liquid is antifreeze. Check your motor for water leaks. This can have a bad affect if left unattended. You can overheat your motor and do damage.

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