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Two full grown red eared sliders will need at least a 25 gal. tank if not more.

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Q: How big does the tank need to be for two male red eared sliders?
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How big of a tank do red eared sliders need?

One red eared slider will require a 20 gallon tank at the can start putting more sliders in at about 60gallons.

What size tank do red eared sliders have to be in?

In a 1,000,000,000 gallon tank

Can red-eared sliders live in sand?

Red Eared Sliders are water turtles so they need water but sand can be in their tank with them. Sand tends to clog filters though, so gravel would be a better option.

Do you need a filter for a red eared sliders tank?

Yes ! The filter will help to keep the tank clean by removing uneaten food particles, and faeces from the water - reducing the amount of bacteria.

Do red eared sliders need a big cage?

not a cage but a tank it depends on the size of the turtle always porvide swimmig water and land a lamp too.

Is it okay to keep baby red eared sliders with juveniles?

Just as long as they can't get a hold of the turtle, or the tank.

What do red eared sliders require to live?

they need lots of swimming water land food sun shine or sun lamp tank there,but can live a while without food or water

How long can red eared sliders go without drinking water?

well they are aquatic so they will probably drink water from the tank

How big of a cage does red-eared sliders need?

for a 5 inch or smaller,i would say a 20 gallon and for 1 foots,100 gallon or bigger. the more it grows,the bigger the tank.

Can a red eared slider mate at a young age?

Yes they can recently I caught my two new sliders mating in their tank and they were at the ready age.

How much water does a red eared slider need?

Adult sliders need 75 gallons plus of water. Babies can be perfectly happy starting out in a 10gallon tank and upgrading as they grow. The water should be as deep as possible.

Does the red ear turtle have to be in sun light or water?

In nature and outdoor captivity, red eared sliders swim in water, and then climb on top of rocks to bask in the sun for periods of time. In an indoor tank, red eared sliders swim in the tank and then climb on top of a floating turtledock provided by their owner, and bask in UV-B simulating lamps.

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