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Two full grown red eared sliders will need at least a 25 gal. tank if not more.

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One red eared slider will require a 20 gallon tank at the can start putting more sliders in at about 60gallons.

Red Eared Sliders are water turtles so they need water but sand can be in their tank with them. Sand tends to clog filters though, so gravel would be a better option.

Yes ! The filter will help to keep the tank clean by removing uneaten food particles, and faeces from the water - reducing the amount of bacteria.

not a cage but a tank it depends on the size of the turtle always porvide swimmig water and land a lamp too.

Just as long as they can't get a hold of the turtle, or the tank.

they need lots of swimming water land food sun shine or sun lamp tank there,but can live a while without food or water

well they are aquatic so they will probably drink water from the tank

Adult sliders need 75 gallons plus of water. Babies can be perfectly happy starting out in a 10gallon tank and upgrading as they grow. The water should be as deep as possible.

Yes they can recently I caught my two new sliders mating in their tank and they were at the ready age.

In nature and outdoor captivity, red eared sliders swim in water, and then climb on top of rocks to bask in the sun for periods of time. In an indoor tank, red eared sliders swim in the tank and then climb on top of a floating turtledock provided by their owner, and bask in UV-B simulating lamps.

for a 5 inch or smaller,i would say a 20 gallon and for 1 foots,100 gallon or bigger. the more it grows,the bigger the tank.

I have mine together in the same tank and they are fine so I don't see why not.

No, you can change and clean out the tank about every 2 weeks. I have 2 red eared sliders one is 1 year and one is 5 years. A filter is better but you don't need one to keep your turtles.

just throw small piece's of Romanian lettuce in its tank and watch if it eats it. if it dose not try feeding it something else

You should not put your Betta fish in the same tank in the first place, most likely the male will kill your other fish. by res do you mean red eared slider?

Yes, every thing should be fine just watch them and make sure that they get along. Also, understand that these turtles will get large(Red Eared Sliders get 10-12in and male Mis. maps get about 5in while female Mis. maps get 10in) so you will need to keep them in a 150gallon plus tank or backyard pond. Hope every thing works out!

Yes they are, I have four red eared sliders and my pitbull sits and watches the tank as much as I do. It all depends on your enclosure and your dogs behavior.

you should have a red sliders tank between 75-80 degrees f

Yes, as long as it is large enough to accommodate the turtles. While a hatchling can live in a 10 gallon aquarium, it will soon need a 100 gallon aquarium as these turtles get up to 12" in shell length.

A baby red eared slider needs as much as two of its shells sideways.

Yes they can as long as you follow the rule about 10 gallons per inch of shell for all turtles. For instance= 2 2 inch turtles need 40 gallons not just 20. Make sure the turtles are near the same size and you don't have two males or there will be aggression. Also, if you have a male and a female prepare for them to mate. Also, the tank gets dirtier a lot faster.

The red eared slider typically grows to approximately 203 mm with a maximum size of 289 mm recorded (Conant and Collins, 1991)! If they are kept in the right conditions, and are healthy, well fed, and looked after, red eared sliders can grow VERY BIG, usually around the size of a dinner plate. A male red eared slider will reach its sexual maturity between 2-3 years, and the female 3-4 years. Turtles will grow to their tank size, which means if you have a baby turtle in a big tank by it's self, it will grow quite quickly, whereas if you had a bigger turtle in a small tank it would probably not grow much more, and if so, pretty slowly.

No, different types of turtles can only mate with each other if they are both part of the same sub species. for instance yellow belly sliders and red eared sliders can mate. but a painted turtle and box turtle would not mate.

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