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How big is Houston?

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The area of Houston is 579.4 square miles.

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How big are the Houston snails?

Some snails in Houston can grow to the size of a baseball.

What channel is mega millions in Houston TX?

not on houston tv. Not sure why. Big event.

How many big hospitals are in Houston?


Who is the best rapper in Houston?

Big Love

How big is Houston Texas in square miles?

Houston, Texas, USA - 601.7 square miles.

What Impact did Whitney Houston have on teenagers?

a big one

What did Sam Houston look like?

He looked big and grumpy.

Was Sam Houston known as the big drunk?

Not to his face he wasn't.

How big is Houston in square miles?

601.7 square miles.

How did Houston rapper big t die?

He ain't dead..

What were some big tours for Whitney Houston?

shes dead...

Where is the big statue of Sam Houston in Houston Texas?

It's on the east side of I45. I believe its actually in Huntsville, Tx.

What are the release dates for Jimmy Houston OutDoors - 1990 Big Ugly Deer?

Jimmy Houston OutDoors - 1990 Big Ugly Deer was released on: USA: 29 August 2011

Do they only have gangs in Houston?

They are in all big cities to some extent.

When was Big Skinny Brown born?

Big Skinny Brown was born on November 19, 1950, in Houston, Texas, USA.

When is big time rush coming to Houston again?

Possibly in there summer tour

How long does it take to receive mail from Nevada to Houston?

it depends how big the package is

Where do the Houston Texans practice?

The Houston Texans practice at the Methodist Training Facilities across the street from Reliant Stadium. It looks like a big, white bubble.

Which MLB player goes by the nickname Big Puma?

Lance Berkman of the Houston Astros

Where can one play Bingo in Houston?

One can play Bingo in one of the many Bingo halls that can be found in Houston, such as: Family Bingo Center, Big Tex Bingo, Bingo Wonderland, A&M entertainment Center, Big Bux Bingo.

What impact did Sam Houston have?

Sam Houston had a big impact on Texas. Without him Texas most likely wouldn't have ever joined the U.S, because we would still belong to Mexico. Later, Houston (The city) was named after Sam Houston. Without Sam Houston's involvement in the Texas Revolution, Houston would be named something else.

What is the address where Judge Alex is filmed in Houston?

The big building on the corner of 2nd St. and Magnolia

When did Whitney Houston become famous?

She had her first big hits in 1985, and her career took off after that.

Who wrote I love you this big sung by Scotty on American idol?

Jay smith from Houston, Texas

Where was hurricane Ike traveling through?

Ok. Its was going into Texas. Plus Houston got a BIG damage! Hope Houston is alright P.S: I think it went through Cuba! -MangoSd