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How big is New England?

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Answered 2008-05-04 19:44:07 Area - Total 71,991.8 mi² (186,458.8 km²) Population - Total (2006) - Density 14,269,989[5] 198.2 people/mi² (87.7 people/km²)

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What was the New England confederation and why was it established?

The New England Confederation was when the New England colonies came together to fight the British crown. This was a big step for NE.

What are the advantages of the New England colonies?

What was the big advantage of England having colonies across the Atlantic.

What state is as big as all the New-England states combined?

The state closest in size to the region of New England is Washington.

Was religion a big part of life in the New England colonies?

i hate this

What state is almost as big as five New England states combined?

its Maine

What state is almost as big as the other five new England states?


This state is almost as big as the other five New England states combined?


How were middle colonies different from the new England colonies?

across the big blue ocean

What state is almost as big as the other five New England states combined?


How big is the new forest national park in England?

571 square kilometres (141,000 acres)

Is Egypt a big or smalll country compared to England?

big compared to England

What city in England has the Big Ben?

London is in England. Big Ben is in London.

Which New England states share a border with New England?

If a state is in New England, then it could not border New England.

Why doesn't the New England Patriots play in New England?

They do play in New England, New England is the region in northeast America.

Is Egypt a big or small country compared with England?

Egypt is big compared to England

Who has a better quarterback New England or Pittsburgh the rookie year?

Pittsburgh had a better quarterback with big ben.

Who are the big teams in rugby?

New Zealand, Australia, France, England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Argentina

What has the author Susan Campbell written?

Susan Campbell has written: 'The big book of New England curiosities'

How did glaciers affect New England's Geography?

The glaciers helped to form many aspects of New England. This includes the mountains and the big lakes that are there.

Is England the size of New England?

No. New England would be larger than England. New England is about 66,507 square miles. England is about 50,346 square miles.

Who were the New England colonies controlled by?

England. Hence New ENGLAND!

What religion was allowed in the new England colony?

The religion that was allowed in the New England Colonies was Christianity. The New England Colonies did not leave England because of religious persecution. New England was also named New England because they followed the traditions of England.

Where is palua?

new England new England

New England patriot What state do they belong to?

The New England Patriots play for New England.

Why is England big?

its not.

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