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Large parts of the New England colonies had rock-strewn land that was difficult to farm, but there were also very large stands of timber to support a logging industry.

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what was the land like in the new england colonies

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the land in new England was terrible all it is is rocks and then some dirt on top

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Q: What was land like in the New England colonies?
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How where New England colonies middle and southern colonies land like?

the new England colonies land was not very vertile and it made farming harder

How did new England colonies settlers use the land and water? settlers used the land and water of new england colonies? 2. how settlers used the land and water of middle colonies? 3. and southern colonies?

Why were the southern colonies better for growing crops than new England colonies?

New England colonies had land that was mainly filled with rocks, or sand.

What was the new England colony like?

Good farming land and all colonies got a lot of rain.

What was New England colonial like?

Good farming land and all colonies got a lot of rain.

This group of colonies did not have good farming land?

New England. (:

How did the glaciers affect the land colonies?

glaciers pushed soil from New England to the middle colonies

What type of land is Maine New Hampshire Massachusetts and Connecticut?

New England Colonies

Compare southern colonies?

The New England and the Southern colonies both found ways to use the land.

Was farming in the middle colonies a better economic choice than farming in New England?

There was more land and fertile soil in the Middle colonies than there was in the New England

What New England colonies had the smallest amount of land?

Rhode Island is the smallest state in New England and all of the US.

What did the new England colonies have in common?

Harsh winters and rocky, hilly land