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How big is a queen size comforter?


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A queen size comforter is a square. The measurements for a queen sized comforter are 86 inches by 86 inches.


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The average size of a queen comforter is 88 inches wide and 96 inches long. A queen comforter can range in pricing between $35 - $170 depending on the brand name and store.

There isn't an "official" you must follow this size standard. A full/queen comforter is usually 86" X 86" A queen size flat sheet is usually 90" X 102" A blanket, and not a comforter, would typically mirror the size of the flat sheet. A full/queen comforter typically couldn't be tucked into a queen size mattress.

The queen comforter would be a tad big for the full bed, but it would not be noticeable except to the comfortable user. The queen size is only about 4 inches larger than the full bed in width and about 5 inches longer.

There are many different sizes of a comforter. Ranging from German Size to Super King Size. There are 2 "Queen" sizes, being the Queen which is 90 by 94 inches, and the Super Queen which is 100 by 100 inches.

A comforter marked as "Full/Queen" is going to work on either a Full or Queen bed, as long as it's not extra thick. With an average mattress, the sides of it will just barely reach the bottom of the mattress, so a thicker mattress would work better with a comforter that's specifically made for Queen beds.

A full size comfortable is the size in between twin and queen. The measurement for a full size comforter is between 78 in x 86 in and 86 in x 86 in.

Yes, but it will be slightly too small

In my experience, I have found that queen size comforters just aren't quite big enough. What seems to work better is to use a full size bedspread on a queen size bed. With todays deeper mattresses, the bedspread will fall lower on each side. Hope this works for you too!


Twin68 x 86 inches - No, a Twin mattress is as long as a Full mattress, and therefore should have the same length of comforter as Full (90"). So the size should be 68x90Full80 x 90 inchesFull/Queen88 x 88 inches - This is the worst thing that manufacturers have done! - making a "Full/Queen" comforter too small for a Queen bed. A Queen mattress is as long a a standard King, so the comforter should be as long as a King comforter (96"). So this should be 88x96 if it can truly accommodate a Queen mattress.Queen86 x 94 inches - No, a Queen mattress is the same length as a King Mattress, so the comforter should be the same length as King (96). And as for width - why would a Queen comforter be narrower (86, as stated here) than a Full/Queen (88, stated above)? If it's too narrow, the blankets & sheets of the Queen bed are not covered by the comforter. A Queen comforter should be 88x96King110 x 96 inches

Mini Comforter Set are smaller in size than the normal Comforter Set or King Size Comforter. Mini Comforter cost is low comparison to King size comforter sets.

The standard size is normally 96 x 92, 20 x 26

this is such a confusing question that my dad got mad and moved to china so i will not answer it.

i don't know who answered this, but they couldn't b more wrong. what they're saying is that a full would b 48 inches wide, and a queen would b 60 inches. i will say that comforter sizes vary depending on quality and manufacture , but in truth the norms r abt: full size comforter 80x90 full/queen 88x88 queen 86x94

A duvet cover is not to cover the mattress, but a Queen size comforter. It is to make the comforter look different or to cover an all white feather comforter. Mattress pads cover mattresses, and the ones that will fit and extra deep mattress will say extra deep on them

Depends on what size of bed it's intended for, e.g., twin, full, queen, king.

A comforter set usually includes the comforter and one or two pillow shams, either standard, queen or king, depending on the size of the comforter. A "bed in a bag" set includes the comforter, shams, top and bottom sheet, and pillowcase(s).

The official standard size for a King comforter is 110x96 inches. They do not make a larger size for the California King comforter, this is the largest size made.

BED SIZEFull--54 x 75 inches (137 x 190 cm)Queen--60 x 80 inches (or 153 x 203 cm)COMFORTER SIZEFull/Queen--86 x 86 inches (or 218 x 218 cm)

A king sized comforter is no big task for any washer or dryer so long as it's alone in the machine

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