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How can I get a 1987 Sable to hold normal idle when engine is cold?

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Why does sable engine run cold?

Stuck open thermostat.

When you start diesel engine from cold a bit smokey is this normal?

Yes, it is normal

What would cause RPMs to flux 1000-1500 while engine is at idle and warming up and of course gas pedal is not touched 1987 Accord LXi?

This is normal for your car, The computer is working extra hard when the engine is cold Because it is not designed to operate at that temp, It is designed to warm up the engine and emissions system as quick as possible without damaging the engine, That is why MOST vehicles will run at A higher rate when COLD (BELOW NORMAL OPERATING TEMP). As for the up and down engine speeds, I can't answer that but it is normal, I have owned 3 of the CIVICs in that same engine family. Good luck, Jamison.

What causes white smoke at start up?

White smoke at start up is due to moisture in the exhaust or on a diesel it can be normal due to the engine being cold.White smoke at start up is due to moisture in the exhaust or on a diesel it can be normal due to the engine being cold.

Can you run a 1998 Dodge Durango without a thermostat?

Only in an emergency. The computer will turn on the check engine light if the temp never reaches normal. A cold running engine is also more prone to oil sludge problems.Only in an emergency. The computer will turn on the check engine light if the temp never reaches normal. A cold running engine is also more prone to oil sludge problems.

When does water drips of a car exhaus on a cold morning when car engine started?

This is condensation and it is normal for that to happen.

What was the knife used in prom night?

Cold Steel Black Sable.

94 Ford Taurus water comes out of exhaust while running?

Water is one of the byproducts of combustion. This usually noticeable when the engine is cold. I had owned a 1995 Sable and now a 2005 Taurus. They both do the same thing when the engine is cold. That is one of the reasons for the stainless steel exhaust that is corrosion resistant.

Your 91 sable runs bad when cold and stalls after warming up if you let it sit and idleI have changed the O2 sensors and the check engine light comes on intermittently.HELP?

take it to a mechanic

What causes a engine knocking noise when you are accelerating and the engine is warm doesnt do it when engine is cold?

Most likely needs a tuneup done. Check the timing and change the normal tuneup part.

Why does 91 ranger engine run cold?

The most common reason an engine would run cold or take a long time to reach normal operating temperature is a thermostat stuck in the OPEN position or no thermostat at all.

What causes a 2000 sable to rough idle when cold but a smooth idle when engine is warm?

Most likely bad intake manifold gasket. When the engine is cold the engine shrinks which unseals the intake and allows a small amount of unregulated air into the engine causing it to idle rough. as the engine heats up it expands sealing the leak causing idle to improve. You should also get lean codes from the computer as the engine is running to lean. Very common problem with the DOHC engine. See "Related Questions" below for more

What is code 17 1994 Plymouth?

Code 17 is engine cold too long. The normal cause is a failed thermostat.

Why is white smoke coming out of tailpipe?

Only when cold? Condensation burning off Normal condition When at normal operating temperature - could be a leaking head gasket Run engine to normal operating temperature - remove engine oil dipstick and let a drop fall on hot engine part - oil will smoke coolant will sizzle

Why is one side of your radiator in your car hot and one side cold?

As long as the engine is not overheating, this is normal for a radiator to do. The heat comes from the engine on the driver's side, and exits to the engine on the lower passenger side.

Cooling fan motor for 1991 buick century is coming on when engine is cold is this normal?

yes it is normal for the fan to come on if you have the defroster on or the ac running when you are letting it warm up.

Is it normal to have a cold stomach during pregnancy?

it normal to have a cold stomach during pregnancy

What is does service engine light mean on 1998 Mercury Sable?

On a 1998 Mercury Sable : The " Service Engine Soon " light is the same as a " Check Engine " light Something is effecting the engine emission controls It might go out by itself or if it doesn't and you have used the vehicle a few times ( from a cold start ) and have topped up the gas tank since you first noticed the warning light , then you should have the vehicle scanned for any trouble codes to help diagnose and repair the problem ( P.S. I'm not a mechanic / technician )

When is an engine so cold it cannot start?

in cold weather , engine may be so cold in the morning....

Is it normal for the idle speed of a diesel engine to go up to 1100rpm when cold then drop to 800rpm after 5 mins?

NO that's bad

Why is water condensation coming out your 1999 Chevy cavalier exhaust?

If this happens only when engine is cold it is a normal condition If this hasppens when engine is at normal operating temperature it may be a sign of head gasket leakage Check to see if oil is getting into coolant or coolant getting mixed with engine oil

What are the valve spec for a 86 200sx ca20e motor?

Adjust valve clearance Intake COLD 0.21mm (0.008)in HOT 0.30mm (0.012)in Exhaust COLD 0.23mm (0.009)in HOT 0.30mm (0.012)in HOT = engine warmed up to normal operating temp. COLD = engine at ambient temp.

What is the normal idle for a 2004 Honda civic D16 engine?

when really cold it will start and sit at 1,500 but then when the engine warmes up it should sit at usually 600 to 800 rpm

Why would the engine have no oil pressure when it is cold?

this is normal, when the car is cold or off. the oil sinks down in to the oil pan.,. If this is a GM engine you may be using an aftermarket oil filter that allows oil to drain back this is not a good thing and can cause engine damage. GM has a TSB on this very problem.

What is cold starting a motor vehicle engine?

Means to start the engine while it is cold (And has not been running for a few hours so the engine has gone cold)