How can I get a six pack quickly?

Having a six-pack is based on the amount of fat you have and the amount of muscles in your abdomen.

So what you first have to do is lose fat. This is done by exercising frequently, lets say 3 times a week, with a pulse (this is very important) of about 60 to 70 % of you maximum heart rate. Your maximum heartrate is calculated by this formula; 220 - your age.

At this heart rate fat is used as a fuel for energy. And of course you have to watch your diet. By eating less carbohydrates your body will also turn to fat as a resourse for energy.

For a sixpack you now need to train your abdomen muscles. This is best done in two sets of situps at a time. As frequent as you want. You can do it every day just before going to bed. What you do is you lay on your back, with streched legs (this deactivates your leg muscles from helping), and come up (without holding your head). You should pick a number, for starters lets take 10. You lay down and do 10 situps, then you wait about 30 seconds (breath well), and then you do another 10. You should pick a number at which you have a really hard time of completing the second round. So if 10 is to easy you do; 20 ; 30seconds rest and another 20. The sets should be equal in size.

And plus, make sure to drink sugary drinks, not to much, and do it every 2 min and exersize more, youre fat will turn into musclels, I know this, I learned it from my friend.