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How can a 12-year-old boy get a good paying job?


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you can work aat a old-folks home, or if you don't get paid, you can work at a snow cone shop on a hot summer day next to a church or somplace that's busy al the time


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Most of the time, if your doing the job correctly.

Nowhere you must be sixteen unless you get a work permit.

Check around the neighborhood for lawn-mowing, window-washing, maybe even babysitting.

A person can get a good paying job over the age of 60 if the person has needed skills. The person will need to fill out job applications in fields that he has experience in.

A good paying Disney Cruise Line job is the crew member job. This job has many benefits including health care and it pays eleven and fifty cents per hour.

the highest paying job i know is a paper boy or girl it does about £20 a week so not bad realy that's £780pa

a good job for a 12 year old would be baby sitting.

GOOD PAYING JOB ?? - at 17 ?? - DUDE, you need to pay your dues like everyone else. start with a crappy, low paying job and work your way up

how to get a job online for a 12 year old

Is what a high paying job?

The job market in Nebraska is very scarce if you are looking for a good paying job. Though it you are looking for a smaller job and money is not a concern it is pretty good.

It depends on your expenses

the highst paying job is $153,689

A doctor is the baest paying job...

A busser is really good because you get a paycheck plus tips.

Casino Gambling, stocks, a good paying job.

The highest paying job in the healthcare field is that of a surgeon or an anesthesiologist. Nurses make good money also when they work overtime.

A good paying job would be maybe in a local business. Stop by and ask if they need help. You can also go to a local church or organization and ask them.

Gretel. But then again none of the characters did a good job.

Depends what kind of job you want. Generally the better paying more important jobs require good grades.

"What is the highest paying job in the art field?""What is the highest paying job in the art field?"

plumber,electrician,builder,landscaper,lawyer theres heaps if good paying jobs just got to look

With a few exceptions everywhere hires at sixteen. Try baby sitting, walking dogs, and etc...

Make sure you get a good paying job. Girls love rich guys.

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