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How can a boy who just started high school get a girlfriend?

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== == * First of all, it's all about confidence. Girls see you how you see yourself. So if you see yourself as a nerd, that's how they'll see you. Secondly, girls can tell if your insecure by the amount of eye contact you make, the positioning of your arms and hands (hands in pockets means insecurity). Don't be afraid to walk right up to one and talk to her, but don't start off with the one you really have your eye on. Just practice on some mediocre girls. Anyone can talk to them. Then when you feel comfortable with your speech content, take it up a notch and approach a more attractive girl. whatever you do, if you get shot down, don't freak, its not the end of the world. Now you know what not to say or do. There are ways to many girls to get bent out of shape over one girl that probably stuck on herself. Practice makes perfect! The more you get out there the better your chances. All it is, is probability. I guarantee you that if you have the fortitude to keep being persistent (even when shot down) you will strike gold eventually. When you least expect it. It took me four years of trying over and over and I found a great girl a good bit down that road. Now I have found the girl I want to marry. Trust me they're not going to come to you. You and only you can make this happen.

== == * Who says you have to have a girlfriend the minute you hit the halls of your high school! No one! When you are in a rush to find a girl just so you can say you have a girlfriend the relationship probably won't work. Give it a few months and hopefully you will become interested in a special girl at high school and you can ask her out and let mother nature take her course from there.

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I am a kid in high school and just started dating so how do I tell my mom I finally have a girlfriend?

Firstly you must have a friendly relation with your mom. Get her acquainted with your girlfriend one day and if she likes her tell her that she is the one you are dating with.

Why high school students have boyfriend or girlfriend?

Because they just wanna date:)

If a boy in high school says Do you want to go out with me is that just an expression saying Do you want to be my girlfriend?


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What do you say when your girlfriend calls you on the phone in high-School?

There are several things one can say when your girlfriend calls you on the phone. You can ask how their days went, if they want to see a movie, or just ask about their hobbies.

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yes i need a girlfriend for my school

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How do you get a girlfriend in high school but very shy and never had a girlfriend?

If you did that, she would be uncomfortable. She might not want to talk to you if you just call her beautiful without even getting to know her a bit more. What you should do is get to know her first or even be girlfriend and boyfriend with her.

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In high school how do you go from just dating to boyfriend and girlfriend or is there any difference at all?

Well, if you are a girl, you usually go from just dating to girlfriend when he asks you if you want to be his girlfriend. People nowadays think that is kinda old school, but the only way you are going to have any type of good communication since the beginning is saying YES. If you are a boy, the only way you get from just dating to boyfriend is asking the question :) ! <3

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