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He's being selfish. He was caught having an affair with a person online and feels overly pressured by the needs of his family. He wants to have things his way and not deal with the responsibilities he accepted when he got married. If he refuses to end the affair and go to marriage counseling, or at least come back and make an honest attempt to work on his marriage, there's not much you can do about the situation. Consider going to an attorney and discussing a divorce, child support and your options so that he is at least made financially responsible for his two children. Good luck. He is embarassed but loves his family! Maybe, just maybe, he was on a chat line because he is not happy with the sexual aspect of your relationship. Tell him that now that you gave birth you need to recover but that you really want to experiment new stuff sexually with him. Show him you too have a sexy side!

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Q: How can a husband walk out days after delivery of a second son because he got caught on a chat line and is living where nobody not even his parents know yet he says he loves and wants his family?
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