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Well... There are alot of things to consider before forging ahead on this one. Being a woman who survived domestic voilence.. This is close to home for me. One of the first things you need to do before "fixing" this marriage. Is FIX you. You can't fix him. You can't love him enough to make him well, you can't love him enough to make him stop the voilence. Domestic voilence is a huge deal. It's not just a love tap, a hug or a kiss. Somebody laid their hands on you, or you laid your hands on someone else, and that is what needs to be looked at. First you need to look at why you want to "fix" this marriage. Is it because you love him, or you need him? You can go to therapy everyday of the week and twice on Sunday, but unless you know why your doing what your doing or letting someone else do what they do, that isn't going to get better. I believe people can change, but the statistic is that people who use domestic voilence as a mean to settle things.. DONT. That is the sad truth. No amount of LOVE, SUPPORT, COURAGE, FAITH, fact is love doesn't hurt like that. The abuser doesn't stop unless they choose that. And no amount of jail time does that for them. It comes down to actually choosing it. Ask yourself a couple of questions. Do I love you because I need you, or Do I need you because I love you? And, What would you try if you knew you could NOT fail? Would you go out on your own? Would you stay and risk getting hurt again? Would you stay comfortably miserable? Would you stay with your husband because you believe in the integrity of his spirt, the truth behind his eyes, the voice inside your GUT that says... This is worth it, or RUN... what does your gut say? Counseling and therapy are great tools, but you have to work them.. I personally knew some that have recoverd from this.. it can be done. BUT its far and few in between... It takes recovery on BOTH sides, and more then just simple will power, it takes wayyy more then that. It can set you free, or....

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Q: How can a marriage be fixed after your husband has gone to jail for domestic voilence?
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