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How can a person play console games on a PC?


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You would need to find a emulator for the specific console you wish to play, and a digitized copy (typically called a ROM) of the game that you legally own. Please do not ask anyone for a copy or use download sites for that.


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It depends do you mean can you play the console on a PC screen or Can you actaully play the games on a PC without the console?? It depends do you mean can you play the console on a PC screen or Can you actaully play the games on a PC without the console??

In PC there is more control and accuracy is better. On console it's harder but their are more games for console. I f you get a console, get a xbox360. Play halo on it. But fore control, its PC.

No, you cannot play PC games on the Nintendo Wii. Only Nintendo Wii games can be played on the Wii console and PC games are only designed for use on a PC or laptop.

No. Wii games can only be played on the Wii console. Gamecube games can be played on the Wii console and Gamecube console.

You can play vidoe games on a PC, but that is not its primary purpose so it is not considered to be a gaming console in the strictest sense.

You can't, you will need a PlayStation 3 console to play it's games.

console games have better games and more choice

The best way is on a PS2 console. PC emulator programs do not work as perfectly and problem free as a console and even the PS2 does not play Playstation games as perfect and trouble free as the Playstation console did.

That my friend is a VERY long subject depending on which type of games your talking about ;PC,console..... But to sum it up the 2 main games are either PC games or Console games (then it branches out to handheld,cellphone and others) To play a PC game you use~Keyboard and Mouse~And if its allowed by game a Joystick or usb ControllerFor a console-~Controller (Which varies from game to game, like for a PlayStation console its a DualShock Controller.To get both console and PC games you can buy it from a game shop (like Gamestop,EA Games,...)For PC it is possible to buy it from legal applications like Steam or illegally by some sites.also be niceYou just need to follow the rules and do what your are supposed to do.

OneGuy's answer: pc games ARE more EXPENSIVE i would suggest you go for console games if tight on money xxx My answer: It depends

No console can play another Brands consoles even if the Discs do fit. That's why when they sell them the indicate what game console the will play in. So none the models of the Playstation, Nintendo, and PC games will play in any Xbox console models and vice versa for all of them.

PS3 games are not compatible with any other games console, including computers.

Computer games are video games. They're classified as PC games. But i know you mean console games (ps3, 360, wii) vs. PC games, so I'll answer that. PC games generally contain more content, come out at a lower price ($50) and can be modded, played online for free. But, you have to put a lot of $$$ into a PC to play the latest games. The PC is undoubtedly better looking and has better controls than console games, but consoles are cheaper by far, and the games are optimized to run on that console's hardware, so a steady framerate is present. Console games are generally easier to play though, and more people do.

PC games do not get "checked" for stability. Only console games do.

No, you cannot play PC games on the GameCube. PC games are only playable on the PC.

The PS2 does not play PC games

The PS2 does not play PC games

No that's why they are called PS3 games. They were developed to run on the PS3 hardware and that is not even the same operating system as a PC. Even MAC games do not run on a PC. A PC can play PC games or have an emulator program to mimic some on the earlier less complex console games if the also have the consoles bios

No you cannot play the PC games on the PlayStation 3 or play PlayStation games on PC

Yes. Unlike movies and console games, pc games do not have regional coding and should work fine.

No you can not make a PC game into a PSP game. The concept that you can convert a game is wrong. Games are software that must be developed and tested for a platform. When you play a game on a PC with a emulator program you are making the PC act like the console the game was designed for

You can not play Nintendo Wii games on a PC

Games must be redesigned and arr not converted. The PS1 can not play PC games and does not have the capability to play PC games through emulation programs that can be used by a PC to play PS1 games

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