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Approx. 80% of people are shy whether man or woman, so don't feel bad. When a guy is interested in you he'll sure let you know and perhaps it's your shyness that attracts him. More young men of today are getting tired of the wise-mouthed, care-free modern women and it's not submissivness they are after, but just a normal girl they can discuss their hopes and dreams with and just be themselves. Most of us want that in a relationship.

If you feel there is someone interested in you then at least try talking to them or try to pull off a smile so you show some interest. It's very normal to walk stiff-legged by the person, feel like you have spinach in your teeth, can't seem to find the words to talk to the guy or feel butterflies in your stomach. The truth of the matter is, he's obviously interested. So pucker up that pretty face and try to give this guy a smile at least.

Good luck Marcy


i am 13, and i seventh grade, and i am only shy around the guys i like, other than that i am not shy around guys. but eventually u guys will talk to each other, and then get to kno each other more, and maybe even become friends and maybe he will even ask u out someday, but for now, the only thing that is best for u to do, is jst be urself and go with the flow. its better to live ur life, than try to do something ur uncomfertable with. that's wat i do, and im fine, well not completley, but atleast im happy.

If a shy guy does the following he definitely have a crush on you:

1. Looks at you when you are not looking (looks away when you look at him)

2. Doesn't talk to you when with your friends

3. When trying to initiate converstaion, asks dead end questions -

e.g "Did you do your homework?" instead of "How did you get on with your homework?"

4. Ignores you -

This is the most misinterpereted. If he completely ignores you in a public setting he likes you.

If he converses with you and politly excuses himself in a hurry with no real reason he doesn't like you.

5. If he puts you on the spot when conversing with his friends he likes you.

6. If you flirt with each other via text/ msn etc frequently and you agree to go on a date and he suddenly stops texting/msn'ing he is too shy/scared or broke. He still likes you but will be embaressed from then on.

7. If he flirts with you via eye contact, you approach him and he says very little but has no intention of ending the converstation, he likes you.

8. If he has known you for a long period of time and is now randomly initiating conversation with you when it is not required (ie. group work in school etc), he likes you.

9. If you casually mention your boyfriend and he takes longer than usual to reply or add on to the conversation, he likes you.

10. If you think you are polar opposites and he keeps initiating conversation with you, he likes you.

11. If he acts different towards you than anybody else, even guys lol, he likes you.

How do you let him know to make a move:

1. Give a subtle/cheeky smile and a quick/little wave - if he doesn't act on it he is definitely not interested

2. Ask of his future plans (ie. for the weekend etc) and when he is free. If he responds using the word "nothing", he is interested. All you have to say is "me too" with an awkward silence after, he should ask you out.

3. Initiate conversation when no other friends are around. With no pressure he should talk freely. A simple "Hey. It's freezing/roasting today isn't it?" should do the trick.

You should also know:

1. Shy guys don't reject girls harshly, we would rather make up a polite excuse as to why we would not go out with her.

So to conclude, I hople this helps girls that are unsure about us. The best advice I can give is approach us when there are no peers around.

C ya.

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Q: How can a shy person know when a guy is really interested in her especially when she is more shy around guys who she likes?
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