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How can a teenager earn money to help their parents?

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I admire you a great deal for loving your parents enough to help out and for showing such maturity. As long as you have your parents permission and perhaps a teacher, minister/pastor, or relatives (adults) give you good recommendations then house sitting for people or looking after their pets while they are on holiday and it pays pretty good money. In Canada you can make $25/day plus food. This is a big responsibility, but one you can do if you put your mind to it. You could stay in the house after school, feed pets, take in the mail and newspapers, then leave a couple of lights on at night, the radio or TV or set the alarm and have your parents pick you up to sleep at home. You can get fairly good money just walking dogs for people who are at work all day. Try to pick the smaller dogs as some larger dogs can be hard to handle. This too is a very responsible job as you have to be safety conscious at all times. If you live right in a city you can go to different veterinary clinics and discuss your problem (to a degree) and clean out cages and sweep floors. You might even luck out at work for a dog groomer preping the dogs/cats or cleaning out cages and sweeping floors. Depending on your age you could even work at a burger place or coffee bar (as long as no alcohol is served). Good luck! Working in stalls at race tracks or farms in another job.

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