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How can clean up your condensation drain line so water doesnt come inside?


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This is a TSB from GM it seems kinda odd but it may help

  1. Obtain a fixed antenna mast (new or used).
  2. Measure from the tip of the antenna a distance of 121 mm (4.75 in) and make a paint line or tape line completely around the antenna mast. This will be the depth stop reference. This antenna tool is to be reused.
    2001 Aztek and 2002 Rendezvous Vehicles Only:
  1. Place the vehicle in the service stall over a hoist.
  2. Open the hood.
  3. With a light (a flashlight works best), look over the top of the engine between the back of the generator and the power brake vacuum hose attachment to the intake plenum. Look down to the base of the cowl to locate the evaporator case drain outlet.
  4. Insert the antenna mast tool described above into the evaporator case drain to the depth stop reference line on the antenna mast. Some force may be required the last 6.35 mm (.25 in) as you break away the flashing on the inside of the HVAC case covering the drain tube.