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How can i get long hair?

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Taking care of your hair, eating right, and brushing it.

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Did Bret hart have long hair or short hair?

long hair

Why is girls hair long?

A girl's hair is long because the girl made a decision to have long hair, just as a girl with short hair or a boy with short or long hair decided to have that length of hair.

Is long or short hair in?

Long hair is in.

Why to have long hair?

The real question is why not to have long hair :P long hair is sexy as hell :)

What is different between you have got long hair and you have long hair?

"You've got long hair" is grammatically incorrect. "You have long hair" is the proper way to say it.

Her hair are or is long which is correct?

her hair is long is correct

Which is prettier short hair or long hair?

It doesn't matter, because some short hair is prettier than long hair and some long hair is prettier than short hair.

Is long hair prettier?

short hair long hair it doesn't matter as long as your nice that's okay.

Is short hair more popular than long hair?

More girls have short hair than long hair but I personally think long hair is much more beautiful. It is harder to take care of long hair but it is worth it.

Why do girls have long hair but not boys?

Because girls don't cut their hair alot... Answer: I am a boy and i have long hair, it is not only that girls can have long hair.

Is messi's hair long?

Yes he has long hair from a long time ago

How long can hair be in the air force?

how long can your hair be in the airforce

How long Neji's hair?

his hair is about 23 inches long.

Did Helen Keller have short or long hair?

no long hair

How do you do long hair?

When you have long hair, it seems hard to figure out what to do with it. It's hard to find long hair tutorials online.

Is the Golden Retrievers hair long or short?

It's hair is long unless it is not a purebred then it may have short hair, so all of them mostly have long hair.

Do you have long hair?

no my hair is not long My hair is 9 inches.... kinda like 10 inches

Does Beyonce have long hair?

No. She told me her hair was long as a child but now her hair isn't as long as it used 2 be. She wears weaves.

Why do all the Duggar females have long hair?

The Duggar females all have long hair because they all want to have long hair!!

What is the best way for a long haired man to hide his hair at work where long hair is not allowed?

Cut your long hair off.

Does Robert Pattinson prefer girls with long hair or short hair?

I pretty sure he likes girls with long hair because i saw his date and she had long hair.

How long was Michael Jackson's hair?

his hair was 5 inches long

How long does alcohol stay in your hair for drug testing?

How long is your hair??

Does Jake T Austin have long hair?

YES..He is long hair.

How long will a texturizer last in your hair?

How long will a hair Texturizer last