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While Mercury is denser than Mars it is also smaller, making it less massive.

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Why does Mercury and Mars have less gravity than Earth because they both have less mass than does the Earth.

Mercury, Venus, and Mars all have less mass than Earth.

Mercury, Mars and Venus are all less massive than the Earth is.

Mars is less massive than the Earth. The mass of Mars is 639E21 kilograms, which is 0.107 of the Earth's mass.

Mercury, Mars, Venus, Earth, Neptune, Uranus (larger but less mass than Neptune), Saturn, Jupiter

Mercury has less mass than Earth does, and gravity varies in direct proportion to mass.

Mercury, Venus, and Mars have a smaller mass than Earth.

The gravity at the surface of Mercury is less than the gravity at the surface of the Earth because Mercury has less mass than Earth does.

The moon has less mass than does Mars and therefore has less gravity at its surface.

No, it has much less mass.

Mars has weaker gravity than Earth does due to its lower mass, so you weigh less on Mars.

Yes there is. Its mass is about 5.5% of the earth's mass.

Largely because it is bigger. The radius of Mars is about half again as large as that of Mercury, the mass about twice as great (remember that volume scales as the cube of radius).

i think that on mercury and mars

All of them except Mercury, Venus, and Mars.

Actually, the idea that Pluto had about the same mass as Mars is outdated. It is now known that Pluto has less than 2% the mass of Mars, and therefore has less gravity.

No. Becase Mars is smaller and less dense than Earth it has less mass and therefore less gravity.

This does seem odd. Mars, with a mass that is about twice the mass of Mercury, has about the same surface gravity. Mars' mass is about .107 the mass of earth, and the mass of Mercury is about .055 the mass of earth. The surface gravity on Mars is about .38 times the surface gravity of earth, and the surface gravity of Mercury is about .38 times the surface gravity of earth as well. The difference is that the mean density of Mercury is about 5.43 grams per cubic centimeter, and the mean density of Mars is about 3.93 grams per cubic centimeter. Mercury is quite a bit more dense, so if you stand on Mercury you are much closer to the center of gravity of the planet. Mercury has a tiny slightly bit more gravity than mercury though.

mars is obviously larger than our moon not Mercury

Yes, Mars is bigger than Mercury.

Water's density is always less than that of mercury regardless of mass.

Mars is bigger than Mercury. Mars is almost the same size as the Earth. Mercury is slightly bigger than our Moon.

The gravity on Mars is less than on Earth, so although the mass of the buggy is the same on Earth and Mars, its weight is different because weight is equal to mass multiplied by the gravitational force. The gravity of Mars is 38 percent less than that of the Earth's. So, something that weighs 100 pound on Earth will weigh 38 pounds on Mars.

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