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In order to receive a fax online, a fax machine must be hooked up into the internet. Once the fax machine is hooked up, another user must send a document to your fax number.

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Q: How can one receive a fax online?
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What is the name of an online service where one can buy fax service if they do not own a fax machine at home?

eFax offers an online fax service. The service provided by eFax allows people without access to a physical fax machine to receive fax messages online.

Send fax using cellphone?

One feature of the online fax service is for you to be able to send and receive faxes using your smart phone.

Can you receive a fax with winpro fax?

faxes can be received as well as sent with winfax pro. A better alternative is an online fax service. You can avail to a free, trial or paid service online. One fax service that is so flexible is RingCentral's Fax. It allows easy intergration with Windows application and allows you to send fax with it. ANSWER: Yes. With the fax software, you can send and receive faxes. I am using joy fax, which is great to me..

What do fax to email services do?

Fax to email services enable users to receive faxes online. Fax to email services are simple and secure. Users don't need to have fax machines to receive fax messages.

Are there websites that will provide a free fax number so you can receive faxes online?

There are websites that will provide a free fax number so you can receive faxes online. These services are free but you may receive or be subjected to many online ads.

How can you get fax service without a land line?

You can avail of the internet fax service. This one does not require a phone line. As long as you have an internet connected PC and online fax software then you can send and receive faxes using your online account.

Where is it possible to send a fax online?

There are a number of websites that allow one send a fax online. One can do this for free on the 'My Fax' website by filling out the online form. One can also use 'Pam Fax' and 'Pop Fax'.

What are some examples of computer fax programs?

There are online fax programs such as eFax that allow you to send and receive faxes online for free. Soho66 is a fax company which allows you to choose from one of nine million available fax numbers for just ‘£2 per month.

How can one receive fax by email?

One can receive fax by email from various websites like FaxService and eFax. Both websites do charge a small fee to let one receive fax by email though.

How do you use the internet on your phone?

Use to send and receive online fax.

What exactly is a no fax loan?

A no fax loan is a fast cash loan that is one hundred percent online. Loan companies offer online loan applications that one needs to fill out to receive a loan. Some companies put a maximum of $1000 per no fax loan.

Can you send and receive faxes on laptop?

A: Yes you can as long as your laptop has the necessary online fax software and you have the online fax account. Any way, when you subscribe for the service you will be provided with online fax number. B: Also, you may try to use some fax software, such as joyfax server. Installing it on your laptop and then send and receive faxes.

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