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One can receive fax by email from various websites like FaxService and eFax. Both websites do charge a small fee to let one receive fax by email though.

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Q: How can one receive fax by email?
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What do fax to email services do?

Fax to email services enable users to receive faxes online. Fax to email services are simple and secure. Users don't need to have fax machines to receive fax messages.

How can you receive your fax as an email?

By using internet faxing, fax can be sent through email or fax machine.

How does a fax email service work?

A fax to email service, is a service whereby one can send and receive faxes via email over the internet. Some fax to email services are eFax and MaxEmail.

Can anybody define email fax service?

An email fax service is a service that allows you to fax and receive faxes through your email. This way you don't receive the actual facsimile on a piece of paper, but it goes directly to your email so that you can print it out.

Is there a fax machine that will send your faxes to your email?

There are fax services that will receive a fax for you and deliver it as an attachment to your e-mail.

Is it easier to do regular Email or fax Email?

Is fairly easy to do regular email and fax emails. Fax emails is a little more complex. It requires a program to sent and receive faxes through emails.

Where can One Use Free Fax and Email?

One can use a free fax and email system from: Efax, Pop Fax, Fax Zero, My Fax, Fax Works, ScanR, Pam Fax, Max Email, Coza Host, Fax Better, K7 Unified Messaging.

Where can one learn how to send fax by email?

There are several online websites with information about how to send a fax by email. My Fax, Ring Central, Pop Fax, send 2 fax, and Max Email are websites which provide information about how to send a fax by email.

When faxing do both people need to have a fax machine?

no, you can also send and receive faxes with email fax services.

Where can one find an email fax service?

One can find an email fax service from: Blue Face, Ring Central, Metro Fax, Nextiva, eXtreme Fax, Fax Age, eFax, Telus, Cellc Fax, Havnet, Road News, One Suite, My Fax, Rapid Fax, Max Email, to name a few.

How does one send a fax by routing it through the Internet?

You can send faxes as an attachment to your email. You can even have your faxes routed to your email so that you can receive them that way as well. You can also use RapidFAX to send a fax on the internet.

How can someone receive emails through their fax machine?

There are a few ways a person can receive emails through a fax machine. The best way to do this is for the email to be forwarded to the fax machine so it is automatic.

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