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I've encountered that a few times...If you removed the factory stereo, and you cut the wires, you may have cut the power and ground wires at the same time, and created a short circuit. This would hae blown a fuse and will prevent the vehicle from going into gear. Check your fuses, and see how that works. you crossed some wires

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Q: How can removing the stereo result in the car staying stuck in park?
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If the thermostat is stuck in the open position, there is no way to keep it from staying open except by replacing it.

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Why is the petrol gauge staying on after key is removed?

The needle in stuck. Try hitting the dash.

How do you remove stuck CD from stereo 2004 silverado?

The real answer: Remove the stereo from the dash board and disassemble it to release the disk. I had a new stereo so I used a hammer and a big screw driver the last time I had to do this.

Why are lights staying on and high beams seem stuck on jeep 1996?

Defective light switch.

Why is your gas gauge in a 91 Jeep Wrangler staying at full?

Float in tank is stuck or defective gauge Sounds like the sending unit is stuck in the full position.

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probably the switch stuck on. pull out fuse in mean time

What is wrong with a 93 Silverado stereo that has power but none of the controls work and it is stuck on one channel?

Needs to be replaced.

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Dead cell in the battery, any light on the car that is staying on, or a stuck relay.

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Cd stuck in stereo?

You can take it to a local mechanic or car shop and they should be able to get it out for you. I wouldn't try and do it yourself.

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no. but it will interfere with keeping your engine staying cool its simple to replace a fan clutch

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How do you remove a stuck CD out of CRV Honda stereo?

To remove a stuck CD out of a CRV Honda stereo a person can try turning the ignition to the accessory position. Next hold down the eject button for a few minutes, release the button and press it again. Another option is to find the fuse for the CD player and remove it. Leave out for 10 minutes than put back in.

Why does interior light stay on vw?

One of the door switches could be stuck. Or the interior light switch could be going bad. See if the open door light is staying on, of if the interior light switch seems stuck or loose.

What can result from a stuck closed thermostat?

A stuck closed thermostat can lead to severe overheating which can lead to severe engine damage which then leads to big money for repairs.

What causes a slow battery drain in 2009 Kia Rio?

Can be a dead cell in the battery or any light on the vehicle that is staying on. Can also be a relay that is stuck.

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The switch on your brake pedal that controls the lights is most likely stuck, try some WD40 before replacing it.

Removing the brake drum from a 87 jimmy?

If stuck lubricate center hub and rap side sharply with hammer--most times this will free it.

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