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In order to ensure that a wife collects her deceased husband's insurance policy, it is beneficial to transfer the beneficiary of the policy while the husband is still alive. If the beneficiary of the policy is also deceased, it would be wise to seek legal help.

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Q: How can second divorced wife collect deceased husbands insurance policy when first deceased wife of husband is still named beneficiary?
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Can ex-spouse collect deceased husbands insurance if first deceased wife name is still listed as beneficiary?

No, an ex-spouse can't collect a deceased husbands insurance if the first wife is listed as beneficiary even if the fist wife is now deceased. The money will go to the beneficiary's heirs.

Can I have the payout on my recently deceased husbands life insurance policy go directly to our adult children who are the secondary beneficiaries instead of to me who is the primary beneficiary?

Yes, you can decline the benefit. Speak to the insurance company about how.

Do you have to sign your husbands life insurance policy if you are the beneficiary?

No. He has the right to change the beneficiary at anytime if it is not irrivocable. Michael Hartmann

Can you contest the beneficiary on your husbands life insurance?

No, you can get him to change the beneficiary and then the money that is claimed will be yours if it has been changed by your husband to your name.

I am the second wife my husbands original life insurance policy names his first wife as beneficiary which was never changed can i protest the payout?

You can protest but the insurance company will pay the proceeds to the named beneficiary.

Can a divorced wife receive prior deceased husbands social security?

Yes, but the marriage had to be 10+ years before the divorce.

What happens to husbands credit card debt if he dies?

The deceased's estate is going to be responsible. The spouse can be held as a beneficiary of the costs and by inheriting less from the estate.

What rights do your deceased husbands children from a previous marriage have if you are the beneficiary of the policy he took out during your marriage?

They have no rights in that particular policy. The proceeds will be paid over to you bypassing probate.

Can a claim on your dead husbands estate also include life insurance to spouse?

If the life insurance policy had listed as the beneficiary the spouse only then it is not considered part of the estate and is not subject to claims. If the beneficiary is the estate then it is subject to claims. The only problem with the spouse being the only beneficiary is if she was a party to the claims personally then perhaps she and the proceeds from the life insurance could be subject to these claims.

Can the ex wife keep money from life ins if she is named beneficiary on exhusbands insurance?

If I m listed on my ex husbands employee life insurance after 10 years can i keep it. Check was issued to me

Can you draw deceased husbands benefit if remarried?


Will you lose your deceased husbands retirement if you remarry?

There is a great chance that you will you lose your deceased husbands retirement if you remarry. States handle this issue differently.

In Massachusetts is a surviving spouse responsible for deceased husbands credit card debt?

Indirectly. The estate of the deceased husband is responsible for resolving all of his debts. Since the widow is going to be the primary beneficiary of the estate, she will inherit less because the estate has to pay the debt.

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Are spouses responsible for a deceased husbands bank loan with several co-signers?

Are spouses responsible for a deceased husbands commercial bank loan with several co-signers?

Can you as a wife collect on your husbands SS in the event of his death?

What age does a widow have to be to collect deceased husbands ss

What if your deceased husbands children are going after money left you through beneficiary is that legal?

Your question lacks important details. You need to contact an attorney in your jurisdiction who specializes in probate law who can review your situation and explain your options.

What happens to deceased ex husbands property if he had no will?

wife gets it

When are you eligible to collect your deceased husbands social security?


How do you find the name of your deceased husbands bank?

There's an apP for that

Can a wife draw out her deceased husbands retirement with out being penalized?

As per law, the wife has all the right to withdraw her deceased husbands retirement without any penalties. It is her legal right - as long as the husband is actually deceased.

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