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There is no way for that person to becme a citizen immediately. Once the children reach the age of 21, they can sponsor the person for residency, but it is a long process.


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You can get married, but from an immigration standpoint, it will not grant you legal status. If you are overstayed, you must leave the country and return LEGALLY in order to appropriately take advantage of the US laws and constitution. You can also apply for a green card, however, it will not be granted because your are not eligible being overstayed with an expired I94. You are an ILLEGAL alien, thus you loose your privileges.

If you've overstayed your Visa you will be deported back to your home country. If you resist deportation you could serve time in jail and pay heavy fines.

If you overstayed less than 6 month you will be banned to entering the US for 3 Years, and if you overstayed more than 6 Month you will be banned for 10 Years (AG)

I am a non resident in the country of Africa.

Both, Australia is an island continent and a country.If you are a resident of Canberra, you are a resident of both an island and a continent.In this scenario, you are a resident of a continent, also sometimes known as an island continent. More properly, you are a resident of the country.See the related question below.

The internet is not a country. What country do you mean?

Illegal resident of a country are often called Illegal Aliens.

No country lies immediately south of Pakistan. The Arabian Sea is immediately south of Pakistan.

Someone who is not a resident of the country

You can be from any country but you would have to do loads of paper work to show you have now joined this country. So you do have to be a UK resident.

A Beninese is a native or resident of the country of Benin.

A Beninois is a native or resident of the country of Benin.

someone who has a visa to live or work in a country without becoming a citizen a legal resident alien is a person from another country that has permission to be in the current country but for a certain period of time.

Yes. A same-sex spouse can sponsor a foreigner for legal residency. The problem is, however, that if you entered the country illegally, you must pay the penalty for illegal entry into the United States. This is usually a 10-year exile in your country of origin. If you entered legally but overstayed your visa, then the process is much easier.

theres some law that after 97 if you overstayed by that long than your banned from returning for 10 years...not super technical but...

Yes, If a non Legal resident marries a Legal resident,he or she are judged to be Legal resident of that country. They can have their Spouse VISA.So that can make them live happily and together forever.

No person may be elected as President unless he /she is a natural born citizen of that certain country , a registered voter , able to read and write , at least 40 on the day of the election , and a resident of the country at least Ten years immediately preceding such election... = )

A permanent alien can stay in a country, but not have resident status and certain privleges.

You get married the normal way, just as if you were marryng another American. If the alien is illegal because he overstayed his visa, you would file for adjustment of status after getting married and wait for the greencard here in the states. if the alien is illegal because he snuck into the country, you would file the I-130 then file for the K-3 in his country. He'd be denied and you'd then file the I-601

yes because it is consider a resident country

it means that the actual population in a country.........................

Indonesia is immediately northwest of Australia.

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