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Just go get married. Your alien status has nothing to do with getting married. Normalizing your status after marriage is another matter though. You should still be able to change your illegal alien status to that of legal resident by way of marriage to a citizen, but the process will be complicated both by your past crime and your lack of documentation.

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Q: How can someone who entered the US as a minor with a tourist visa and overstayed by 15 years with a SSN but no home country id marry a US citizen?
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If you are a US citizen who wants to marry someone who overstayed their visa how do you legalize her status?

file a petition for him

If a Canadian citizen in the US on an H-1B Visa marries someone who overstayed their Visa by 4 years how can that person become legal?

no depends were they came from

If someone entered the US legally at a young age and stayed after his green card expired can he marry a US citizen without leaving the country?


What happens if someone entered the country illegally marries a US citizen then that citizen dies?

They're still an illegal immigrant. Mariiage alone does not grant US citizenship to an illegal alien. The formal process of citizenship must still be completed.

How can someone become a citizen in a country?

It varies from country to country. To become a citizen of the USA, you'd need to apply for naturalization and citizenship through parents.

What makes someone a citizen of a country?

A citizen is classified as someone having a passport from that country. If you are foreign, you are entitled to apply for another countries passport after living/working in that country for usually 5 years, although there are large variations in this.

What is someone called who lives in a country but is not a citizen?

an alien

What meaning of entry point?

The place where someone or something entered. Could be the border crossing where a person entered the country. Could be the place where a bullet entered a body.

What does dual national Turkish mean?

I believe this refers to someone who holds citizenship in two countries. So, this could be someone who is a Turkish citizen as well as an American citizen (or some other country's citizen).

Which person is an example of someone who could be a non-citizen?

someone who immigrated to the U.S. from another country

What is a naturalized us citizen?

A "naturalized" citizen is someone who was not born on U.S. soil- they were not a citizen of the country when they were born, yet they have gone through the process of becoming and citizen and are now one.

Can someone who entered the US illegally was incarcerated and deported for it get married to a US Citizen and reenter to become a Citizen?

No, cause they'll get your records. But, if you come back with a different name or last name you could.

Can you marry someone in prison who is not a us citizen?

Depends on what country but probably not.

Can someone get married legally in the US if you are a citizen from another country?


If you marry someone from another country are they automatically a citizen?

NO! Pure and simple

Do other countries like England allow a person to become a permanent citizen if they marry someone who is a citizen of that country?


If I marry someone with a valid work permit what are the chances that he'll be sent back to his country?

Now, I may be incorrect, but I am fairly confident that if you marry someone who is not a legal citizen of the country, and YOU are a legal citizen of the country, then he will be issued a green card, which grants him permanent resident status.

What is the difference between a citizen and an alien?

A citizen is either born to the country or immigrated and became a naturalized citizen, an alien is someone who is either an illegal immigrant or a visitor whose visa or pssport expired ,then never went back to their own country.

What is a meani of being a Citizen?

someone who is either born or naturalized in the country they live in

What two qualifications must someone have to vote in Canada?

To be a Citizen of the country and to pay tax

Can a 17 year old American citizen marry her boyfriend and he would be able to stay?

Marrying an American citizen does not give someone the right to stay in the country.

What is an Australian citizen?

An Australian citizen is either someone who was born in Australia and lives here, or someone who has become a naturalised Australian, choosing to become an Australian citizen through a series of programmes and trainings. Australian citizens have the right to vote in federal, state and local elections. If an Australian citizen leaves the country and takes up citizenship in another country, he/she may choose to revoke his Australian citizenship. However, many may choose to retain their Australian citizenship as well as taking on citizenship in another country. Also, an Australian citizen can live and work in another country without taking up citizenship, and thereby remaining an Australian citizen whether or not he/she lives in his/her country of birth.

What stops someone from being a new zealander?

If you leave the country and become a citizen to another country(e.g: Africa), then you lose your citizenship to the country you came from!!!!!

Do immigrants rights in the us as a citizen?

the immigrants have to be legal, and then they will have any other right as someone born in this country.

What is an illegal imigrant?

Someone who is living in a country other than that of which he is a citizen in violation of that countries immigration laws.