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How can someone who is in the USA as a tourist from Mexico get divorced from his wife who lives in Mexico?


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A person on a tourist visa would not be eligible to file for divorce in the United States. The person would need to return to Mexico to file for a divorce according to the established laws.


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A person from Mexico that is currently here in the US and would like to get a divorce from a spouse in Mexico can file for a divorce. They must provide:name of spouse he/she would like to divorce still in Mexico, address, and provide information on how long applicant(person filing for the divorce in U.S.) has been in the U.S. with documentation like a ITIN, used for tax purpose and were the applicant works. Can be done without a lawyer, but the correct paper work has to be file and make an appointment to come in front of a judge.AnswerHowever, if the person is a tourist and is not a legal resident of any US state, he/she cannot get divorced in the US.

Yes you can divorce a spouse that lives in Mexico if you are in the United States. The state you are in has jurisdiction. You will risk deportation because you will declare your legal status to the courts.

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