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Sure. This is America. File for divorce under abandonment. Yeah I think so but I'm only 13 so I don't know. I'm just bored!

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If you were married in California but one spouse lives in Texas where do you get divorced?


Is russ malkin married?

No he is divorced ,but lives with his girlfriend Victoria and has a teenage daughter.

Where do Demi Lovato's parents live and are they still married?

Demi lovatos parents are divorced! they have been for years now! and her mum lives with demi and her sisters in l.a cali and her dad moved away to Mexico :)

A british man married to a jamaican citizen but he now lives in England can he get divorced in England?


What happened to Maria Eleena Holley?

had a miscarriage married again and the divorced she lives alone in Dallas

Is bam margera and missy margera still married?

no they are not. they got divorced . bam married nicole boyd and missy lives in hawaii

What is a Female cohabiter who is not married?

A woman who lives with a man as if they were married but without actually getting married.

Did sherry swafford marry?

Sherrie has married and had children, divorced and re-married. She still lives in California as far as I was told awhile ago.

Who are in Jacqueline Wilson's family?

Jacqueline is not married as she was divorced with her past husband . She has a daughter and lives with her cat Jacob

Is bam margera and missy separated?

They are divorced bam married nicole boyd and missy lives in hawaii

Does Selena Gomez live with her father?

She lives with her mother, her mom is Mandy "Amanda" Dawn Teefey married to Brian Teefey & the parents are divorced, when Sel was 3 they got divorced. Selena is 18. Selena lives with mom. :) :)

Is bam margera still with missy?

no they divorced and bam married nicole boyd and missy has a relationship and lives in Hawaii

What happened to marianne Gordon?

She divorced Kenny in 1993 and is now married to Fred Alias. She lives in Athens, GA.

What happen to marianne Gordon rogers?

She divorced Kenny in 1993 and is now married to Fred Alias. She lives in Athens, GA.

You and your boyfriend wants to get married soon but he is here illegal from Mexico Can you get married here in the us or do you need to go to Mexico?

your boyfriend can get an s.s. card from the state where he lives on employementand have an birth certificate in English

What happened to Lee Harvey Oswald's wife?

In 1965 she married Kenneth Jess Porter and was divorced in 1974. She lives in Dallas Texas.

Can a 16 girl that is pregnant and lives in AZ get married to her boyfriend who is 18 and lives in al?

not without parental consent

How can someone who is in the USA as a tourist from Mexico get divorced from his wife who lives in Mexico?

A person on a tourist visa would not be eligible to file for divorce in the United States. The person would need to return to Mexico to file for a divorce according to the established laws.

What does common law union?

- a couple lives as husband and wife without getting married

My dad was married in Mexico and never told my mother. My parents were married in the U.S.Now my father passed away and his first wife wants to claim his social security pension. who has the right?

I really don't know the answer but I have a comment I am in the same situation, my husband had a "shot gun" wedding in Mexico in 1991, I think. We were married here in the US in 2004, his "ex-wife" still lives with his mother which am guessing because he never divorced her, wouldn't the county pick up that he was already married? I believe she got her legal status because of him, so she had to state somewhere on a legal document that he was married?

Are jenifer lopes and mark Antony married?

Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony are now divorced but Jennifer (Jlo) now lives happily with her 2 sons

Does Jacob Hoggard have a gf?

He is married to a wonderful woman named Tammy - they were high school sweet hearts. He proposed to her after Canadian Idol was over (where he placed third). They got married in Mexico at the age of 21 before his career seriously took off and they have been happily married ever since. I wish them all the best in the continuation of their lives together! Not anymore they are divorced and he is dating a girl named kari

If you been separated 8 years are you still legally married?

Even if you have been living separate lives for eight years, you are not legally divorced. You are still legally married until you get a divorce and can not remarry until so.

Does the Gila monster live in the derserts of Mexico?

yes the Gila monster lives in the derserts of Mexico yes the Gila monster lives in the derserts of Mexico yes the Gila monster lives in the derserts of Mexico

Who is Tracy debarge?

El DeBarge's X wife, she re-married years after they divorced but is now widowed, aside from all this she lives a very happy life with her kids