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How can streaming data be saved?

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Streaming data can be saved using software. If it is a web based stream you are looking to save, HiDownload will save it for you. But there are plenty of alternatives to this software, but with HiDownload i have got the best results.

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How do you resend streaming data?

You must either have your own streaming data relay server or be connected to a local network that is operating one. Over the internet streaming relay services are available with free and paid accounts on third-party streaming data relay servers. Many ISP's host their own streaming data relay servers which access based upon their subscriber rates. The streaming data relay server is set up to receive streaming data from the streaming data source and then to resend it out again usually to limited specific locations rather than as a general broadcast to the entire net. A private webcam is an example of a streaming data source and BlogTv is an example of a streaming data relay service that is publicly accessible on the Internet (of which there are MANY.) Currently the easiest way to resend streaming data is to either connect with an online streaming data relay service and set up it the resend the data stream as it is being received from the source or to utilize the streaming data services of your local ISP if they provide it.

What is the process of transferring data in a continuous flow?

Streaming Data

Can you get old data back after you saved over the old data?

no you can't. if you saved in ur new data, THERE IS NO WAY.

How is data stored in a database?

data is saved by storing

For wii if you take a game play it and play it again on a different wii will you have all your saved data?

If the saved data is on your wii console and you play the same game on a different wii you will not have your same saved data you will have the other wii's data if it has any if you want to play a game on 2 different wii's save the data on a SD card and bring that card to the other wii to play with your saved data.

What is the advertisement caption for samsung TV?

data streaming on tv

How do I erase all of my data on Pokemon Ranch?

just go into your data managment where all your games get saved and erase the saved data and you will be able to start a new game.

How do you delete your saved data in Pokemon X and Y?

At the title screen hold B, X and Up to bring up the delete all saved data screen. Say Yes to all questions to remove your saved data.

Does streaming use as much data as downloading?

Yes i am pretty it does use the same amount of data or wifi usage. i very recently learned that so now i am streaming nothing and downloading everything

Are query results saved after the query is executed?

The results are not saved, but the query can be. If the query has been saved, then it can be run at any time to retrieve the data. So it is not necessary to save the data itself. You can write queries that will select data and write it to a new table, in which case the results are being saved.

What is the process of transferring data in a continuous and even flow which allows users to access and use a file while it is transmitting?


Where can I find streaming stock quotes online?

Most of the financial networks offer streaming market data. CNBC operates and you will find streaming market rates at thier website.

What is an example of data?

data is saved info or marked info. on a grid each unit is a sq. mile. a lot has 3x7 units witch is an area of 21 sq. miles. if written on a real grid paper that would be marked data. saved data are stuff you saved on an electronic device.

What is a data source created in Word saved as?

microsoft office data source

How can you uncorrupt saved data on Pokemon LeafGreen?


How do you delete a carear on need for speed pro street?

Go to options and then saved data. There you will see delete. Click on that and delete your career. Also you could just go to your saved data on ps3 xbox 360, or PSP and delete it from your saved data on your system.

Does streaming radio cost money?

yes,it cost of data plan ususage.

Is the memory saved on the DS or the chip?

all of the data for a certain game is saved on the game card for it

How does a computer process data in a shot answer?

data is saved by user in a hdd in correct location

Is DS data saved on its game cartrige or ds console?

All game data is saved on the game cartridge itself. The DS does not have internal memory for saving game data - the DSi has a memory card, but also does not save game data to it.

Can you get old saved data in Pokemon emerald?

You can't

A hard drive stores data on?

hard disk save data on platters. On platters there are tracks and sectors in which the data is saved.

Does playing music on your iPhone use data?

No, unless you are streaming it from a site or app such as YouTube

What is difference between data and instruction?

Data is what is saved inside while instructions is what u instruct to do

How do you delete saved data on Clash of Clans iPod?

You can log out of your game center, delete the game, and re install Clash of Clans, and then your saved data should be gone... If you are jailbroken, download iFile and delete the data from iFIle.