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How can water pollution be reduced?

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Thermal pollution can be reduced by recycling and to stop dumping our harmful waste in natural bodies of water.

Air and water pollution can be reduced or eliminated when man stops using vehicles, factories and other factors that contribute pollution in the world. Clean energy and prohibiting the pollution of rivers and lakes are required.

Thermal pollution can be reduced by cooling the water in cooling towers before it is released into water bodies

Increasing biological magnification

pollution cannot be completely reduced it is impossible we could definatly reduce pollution but not completely stop it

Thermal pollution can be reduced by recycling of causes such as warm water and carbon di oxide in some other processes.

water pollution can be reduced by producing less waste, getting rid of waste properly ,using environmentally friendly chemicals,and cleaning up dirty places.

Yes. Water pollution is pollution because it pollutes the water.

pollution leaks out into the water and makes water pollution

Available land will be reduced

Well obviously because it's pollution to the water

Water pollution is the contamination of bodies of water.

the ways to prevent pollution are: 1. afforestation 2. reducing the usage of plastic bags and use environment friendly bags. should have high chimneys. 4. water pollution should be reduced.

If carbon dioxide pollution is reduced then the accelerating greenhouse effect might slow and global warming would not be so much a threat.

by burning low sulfur coal and installing pollution control evices

There are three classifications of water pollution. The three classifications includes: chemical pollution, human pollution, and industrial pollution. Microbiological pollution is also another classification of water pollution.

8 types of water pollution include: Nutrients Pollution Surface Water Pollution Oxygen Depleting Ground Water Pollution Microbiological Suspended Matter Chemical Water Pollution Oil Spillage

water pollution is water debris that is terrible to the environment and the food chain.

water pollution: polluting water air pollution: polluting air

Water pollution is the contamination of bodies of water

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what cause land pollution? water pollution is cause by pesticides, that roll of the land and in to the water

Air pollution Water pollution Light pollution

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