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How can you add a person to a title if not married?

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It depends on what kind of title you're talking about. Anyone can be added to a car title, regardless of whether they're related or married. what about adding someone to my home's title as co-owner?

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Can you add a person to your car title?

not unless u got married legally

How do you add a person to the title of a car?

you add a person name to the title of a car by changing your licence plate to their name

How can you add a name to a title and the bank is the lien holder?

A person cannot add a name to a title if the bank is the lien holder unless the bank agrees to the title name addition. A person could approach the bank and ask them to add the name to the title.

Can someone fiance a car and add another person on the car title?

You can finance a car, but cannot add another person to the title. If you buy a car outright, you can add whoever you wish.

Can you add a person to a car title if there is a lien?

no the lien has to be removed first then you can add another person to the title.sorry.

How do you add a name to the title of a car?

The current owner and the person being added to the title go to your local Tax collector/DMV (whichever agency handles title work in your city/state ) and tell them to add the person to the title. Pretty simple. There will be a fee for a new title of course.

Who owns a joint car when one person on title?

A married couple in most states.

Can you add a person to your car title if car was recently purchased and the person you want to add is one of your parents?

You can only have one owner name on a car title. If you have decided that you want it in one of your parent's name, you can sign the title over to them and list the dollar amount as $0 so you won't have to pay sales tax again, only title transfer fees. Unless of course they are buying from you.

What was the title of respect for a married lady?

In English, the proper title of a married lady is Mrs., the title of respect would be Madam, or Mam.

How do you add title in transformice?

type /title and select the title you want. Then type /title (number of title you want).

How do you add a person to the title or deed to a house?

thru a lawyer or solicitor being present when adding their name to any document

What happens to our marital home in the event of my husbands death if he owned property before we were married?

This will depend on whether your husband added you to the title or left the house to you in his will. Because he owned the property before you were married, he could leave it to another person in his will if he never added you to the title.

Shall you add Sir and Mr at the same time with a name?

No. If the person has earned the title "Sir", it indicates they have been knighted and that title should be used preceding their name. If the person does not have a title, you would then address them as Mr. preceding their name. In normal conversation, I think it would be acceptable to address the person as "Mr." regardless of whether they have a title, and to use "Sir", as in "Thank you, Mr. Doyle. Can I help you with anything else, sir?"

Title of the person in charge of the will?

The title of the person appointed by the court to settle the estate of a person who left a will is the executor.

How do you add your name to an auto title?

add by ur hands,haha

What does please indicate your preferred title mean?

When a person is asked to indicate their preferred title, they are being asked how they wish to be addressed. For example, a married woman may prefer to be referred to as "Mrs.", whilst a vicar would usually hold the title "Reverend".

Is it legal for one person on a car title to hold the car from the other person on the title?


Is title to a house the same as a deed to it?

Not exactly. The person with title to a property is the person who legally owns it. A deed and a title are not the same thing. A deed is a legal document that transfers the title from one person to another.

What title do you use if not married?

Mr. or Ms.

Indian title for a married woman?


What is the title of a married woman in Islam?


What is the title of a struggling and suffering guy?


Can you add someone to a car title?


Can your wife add you to the title of her house if you are in prison?


Can a person who is on the title but not a driver be sued if the other person on the title has an accident?

Yes, they can be sued. Its law.