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Its easy to think and see that your fat, but its hard to just stop eating completely. I'm a fellow anorexic and if you really want to loose weight bad enough then you will learn to control your hunger. Its NOT EASY. But worth it I think. I personally think you should not turn to anorexia but...when you feel hungry get out the food you want (dont cook it) and just look at it...look at it for 1 min. during that time think to yourself 'do i want this? do i need to eat this?' you just need to remember that even though you want to loose weight you dint need to stop eating, just cut down. <3

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โˆ™ 2012-12-06 12:05:00
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Q: How can you be anorexic?
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Is Rihanna anorexic?

No she is not anorexic

Is Lindsay Lohan anorexic?

yes she is anorexic

What is an anorexic?

An anorexic is a person who suffers from anorexia.

Is Emma Watson anorexic?

Of course she isn't anorexic...

How did Mary Kate get so thin?

she is anorexic. she is anorexic.

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They can't become anorexic.

Is there a book on how to become anorexic?

There are not any books available that tell you how to become anorexic, but there are guides on the internet that can tell you how to become anorexic.

Is Angela Bettis anorexic?

No,Angie is not anorexic although she played an anorexic teen in Girl,Interrupted which is what spawned rumours that she might be

Do you lose weight faster being anorexic or bullimic?


How can you be a good anorexic?

That can't really be possible. You have to not be anorexic anymore.

Is there more anorexic women than anorexic men?


Is Taylor Swift anorexic in 2014?

No, Taylor Swift is not anorexic

Is Selena anorexic?

No, shes just a petite person, shes not anorexic

How do you make anorexic sims on sims 2?

You can not make a Sim anorexic.

What percent of british people are anorexic?

1 in every 250 people are anorexic. So that is 0.4% or so.Roughly 1 in every 250 people are anorexic, or have an eating disorder with anorexic-like properties.

How do you look anorexic in clothes but be healthy?

You don't. Being anorexic is not healthy, and one can not look anorexic without being anorexic, or having some other health problem. Even a lot of exercise will not actually make you look anorexic, unless you're body starts autocannibalizing itself.

Do anorexic people know they're anorexic?

People say, they do not know. They know.

Where are the most anorexic people born?

Japanese people are most anorexic in the world

Is Selena Gomez anorexic?

No, Selena's not anorexic. She has a fast metabolism which is why she's skinny.

If someone has a mind of an anorexic and starves themselves but if they do eat not a binge they purge is that anorexic with bulimic tendencies?

If the person is purging and also anorexic, then they would be defined as an anorexic with bulimic tendencies. This person needs to consult with a doctor to seek help immediately.

Percentage of anorexic in US?

Roughly 1 in every 250 people in the US is anorexic.

Are the olsen twins anorexic?

They are role models in the anorexic community. :) That's what I know. I bet they are :)

Do anorexic people eat kitchen roll?

No, anorexic people do not eat kitchen roll. I know this because i am anorexic and i haven't eaten kitchen roll since... forever!

What is the definition of the word anorexic?

Anorexic is an adjective in the English language. Anorexic is most commonly defined as suffering from Anorexia Nervosa. It can be a noun when describing a person suffering from this illness.

How much money is spent on anorexic teenagers?

Im not sure, you should become anorexic and figure it out, HAHA! =) Im not sure, you should become anorexic and figure it out, HAHA! =)