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You Can't Be. But He's Your Boyfriend, You Have To Trust Him(:

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Q: How can you be sure that your boyfriend will not abuse you when we get together?
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Is it a form of abuse if your boyfriend made terrible demands on you when you were together?

yes it is.

Should i stay with my long term boyfriend whom we have a daughter together when he's virbally abusive to me?

No because abuse is abuse so get out of the relationship b4 it gets worse.

What is domestic violence and abuse?

What your boyfriend does to you at night.

How do I respond when my boyfriend asks if we're going to be together forever?

say sure. You don't have to mean it

How do you get your boyfriend to hang out with you?

Believe it or not its quite simple. Ask him what his interests are. When you find that out, think of things you can do together that include his interests. Doing this will make your boyfriend hang out with you for sure!!

If you have boyfriend and 24 and your 18 is that abuse?

No, you are a legal adult at 18.

Your boyfriend and you in a sentence?

Your boyfriend and you are cute together :)

What should you do if your friends don't believe in your boyfriend?

well i would tell him what your freinds said, then i would get together with your boyfriend and your friends and make sure that he acts REALLY nice.

What to do when a boyfriend is verbally abusive?

Drop him like a hot potato. Verbal abuse isn't far away from physical abuse. and a friend doesnt abuse you.

Can you sue for financial abuse from your boyfriend?

No. There is no such thing as "financial abuse" unless you show that he made unauthorized purchases with your money.

What will Narcissist boyfriend do if you cheat on him because of neglect?

leave and/or abuse you and blame you.

Has Bella Thorne had a boyfriend?

Yes in fact she does and they are super cute together I'm not sure how serious they are though!! Loveya bella!!

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