How can you become an actor?

Acting is a difficult business. Criticism can hurt, but you've got to learn not to give up. Always have a reason and some help. You'll make through it.

Points to remember


Focus your attention on something on stage

Immerse yourself in the role completely

Remember that everything is exaggerated on stage

Treat the little things as being very important

Work on projecting

Breath and alliterate

Concentrate on your expressions

Practice your lines incessantly

Meet people

Learn from other actors

Stage Lights kill Stage Fright

To gain better voice expression, trying saying a simple phrase, "oh my God" in 20 or more different ways. Excited, sneering, sarcastic, romantic...
being an actor is for someone who knows how to act a different emotion such as if you were in a good mood you had to act as if you was in a bad mood. and you can search through the phonebook and find the service closest to you and have them assist you