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How can you buy a car if the previous owner is dead?

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Whoever was willed the person's belongings or appointed head of estate. If the car was specifically listed in the will, that person no owns the car. If there was no will, the spouse or partner will be in charge. If no spouse or partner, the eldest child. If no children, I have no idea.

You will mostly likely purchase the car from a spouse, a child or the estate of the deceased. Or whoever was appointed owner of the vehicle in the will.

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WHO WAS PREVIOUS OWNER OF CAR? NAME ON TITLE OF CAR PREVIOUS OWNER OF CAR? looking to find out previous owner how many previous owner

who was the previous owner?

is this car worth $1,500.00 and who was the previous owner

Title to car still in previous owner car got im pounced and I have the title they went get car and blocked my number and hide car?

If if color title was not changed over from previous owner and previous owner went and got the car that I have the title what can I do about the previous owner getting my car when I have the title but still in his name

If repo company is after car you bought but previous owner did not pay off what can you do to get title?

Try to buy it again.

Is a Kia model year 2004 and Lower a good car to buy?

It depends on how it was maintained by the previous owner.

How do you put a car under your name if it has lien holder?

The lien holder from the previous owner needs to sign off on the sale before you can change the title. If you buy the car, but still owe money on it, you can get the title in your name with the previous owner as lienholder.

If you buy a car and the car has oustanding loan from the previous owner?

Never, ever buy a car with an outstanding loan. In fact you cannot transfer the title with a lien on it. Walk away from this deal. It is nothing but trouble.

You want to buy a car but you dont know who is the owner Who is the owner?

Ask the person who is driving the car who the owner is.

What do you do after buying a car from a previous owner?

Get insurance, a tag and a the title in your name

On Seinfeld who was the previous owner of george's car?

Jon Voight the dentist

Can I buy a car with the windows already tinted?

Yes, sometimes you can find a car (usually preowned) which the previous owner has had the windows tinted. Also some new car dealerships can have in stock or have done at your request the window tint.

Values on new cars versus a used car.?

The new car is much higher. Since there is no history, no previous owner, and no miles on the car, it is going to cost much more to buy new, rather than used.

You brought a car from a private owner with no title how can you get a the title?

You and the previous owner can draw up a title. Just get it notarized and it has to be legal.

How do you put a car on the road I want to buy a car with cash from a private owner and I'd like to know how to go about putting it on my parents insurance and getting it registered.?

In most states, the title will have to signed over to you by the previous owner. Your parents will have to go to their insurance company and have you added to their policy as well as adding the car on.

Can you buy a car with no license?

i wanted to buy a car for my girlfriend but still want it in my name. can i buy one without a license from an owner

What happened if you are owner of the car and insurance is on name of previous owner then can you claim insurance?

The insurance company, once things get sorted out, will probably deny your claim. On top of that, the previous owner screwed themselves, because their insurance will go up.

Where to buy an unused car released in previous years?

A dealership.

Can you buy a car who has been left to someone else in a will?

if the owner wants to sell it why not after all i'll be paying for it ... If you are buying it from the owner. You can buy cars. If somebody leaves something to somebody that they don't own because they sold it, there's no issue there. I leave you the city of New York in my will, it doesn't really matter. If you are trying to buy it from the person who is willed the car while the current owner is not dead, that's a problem because it's not their car. The will doesn't matter a jot to you. You can buy it from the owner. Whether it's the current owner the person who got the car from the estate or anybody else who actually owns the car. Just being listed as property in a will, makes the will kind of old, it doesn't make the car unable to be sold (assuming its not tied up in the estate).

What are the legal Requirements and documents that need to be completed when a car changes owner?

Their must be a roadworthy check, a previous owner check and a VIN number.

How do you find your cars last owner?

Most states include the name and (provided) address of the previous owner of a car on the front side of the title.

You bought a car private in Scotland andthe previous owner did notclear the lan now l have a company wanting to repossess it?

i bought a car and the previous owner never paidthe loan off now thereis a company wanting to repossess thecar from me what can l do

What should you look for when you buy a used car from an owner?

Any time you buy a used car the owner isn't going to be completely truthful. Your best thing to do when buying a used car is to ask for the VIN so you can do a carfax.

How do you find insurance records from a previous owner of a car?

Insurance Records of previous vehicle owner Insurance Records are protected under State and Federal Privacy laws. There is no legitimate legal reason for a person to want to obtain the "insurance records" of a previous owner. The attempt to do so could constitute an invasion of that persons privacy rights. Any coverage or compensation paid to a previous owner would not extend to the new owner as the new owner was not an insured and did not have a financial interest in the property (vehicle) prior to the purchasing of it. The previous insurers obligations was to the previous insured owner. Those obligations ceased when the policy expired, terminated or when the vehicle was sold to another individual. The previous owners insurance company has no obligation to someone who purchased the vehicle at a later date. If you are interested in the vehicle history, accidents, previous damage or repairs and such, this can be obtained through Car Fax and other similar on-line services.

Can your car be repossessed if you hold the title?

Yes, if you took a loan out and used your car as collaterol, then it can be taken away. If you own the title free and clear, then it cannot be taken from you. Only if you owe money on it or the previous owner owes money on it. If the previous owner has an outstanding debt on the car and sells it to you without you knowing about the debt then the car can still be repo'd.

Does a person who buys a new or used car become the cars rightful owner?

No, the owner is the person who's name appears on the title. If you buy the car and then it is titled in someone else's name they are the legal owner of the car.