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I currently have 7 lovely rats (They're just like potato chips, you can't just have one!).. and my boys LOVE to escape to try to get to the girls' cage. I noticed that they're always hiding in tight, dark areas of my apartment.. like behind couch cushions, in between boxes.. What I do is buy treat boxes (the type that the rat has to tear apart the box to get to the treat) and place them in areas where I think they will be when I'm home, and I pick them up and put these boxes away when I leave for work or go to bed. These treat boxes are rather loud when they are being torn apart. If I hear one being opened, I found my rat!

AnswerThere are humane traps which close as soon as the rodent enters for food, look for one of those at a place like Walmart where the selection is large. AnswerAnother thing you could do is if you think you have an idea were your pet is get somthing that smells like him/her for an example: grab their cage and place it around the house were you think they are hiding (or place it anywhere) and put a fan behind it and open the cage door, With luck your pet will smell the cage and come home!


If you do not know which room or area your rat could be in, I suggest putting a small pile for tasty treats in the center of each room, and closing all the doors in your house. in the morning, find the pile that has been disturbed. Now you can narrow your search to the room that you know has the rat. Try putting a comfy spot that smells like him in there. Try a carrier cage full of soiled fleece and maybe a favourite hammock. or a hide house full of bedding, somewhere that would be inviting to your rat.

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Q: How can you catch a loose pet rat that you can not locate?
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