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The state of Arizona now has an interactive website where you can run the plates (I assume that's just for AZ, but could be wrong) and the VIN on a car. Go here:

See the related link below.

You can also call your local PD and they will run it for you. You don't need to pay for CarFax or any of those services just to check to see if the vehicle is stolen; you will if you want a total vehicle history report. Good luck.

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โˆ™ 2011-08-31 05:54:54
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Q: How can you check is a vehicle is stolen for free?
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How can a free vin check be useful to you when purchasing a used car?

A Vin check can help you know for sure that you are not buying a faulty vehicle. The check also determines whether the vehicle you are considering has been stolen.You can also get a free VIN check and vehicle history check done at

Is vehicle vin 1ftyr10d93pb57507 stolen?

If you know the registration number of this vehicle, you can check easily by performing a online police stolen car check by paying a little money.

Where to get a free vin vehicle Buber check?

Free vehicle identification number check?

is this vehicle stolen?

is this vehicle stolen?

how to tell if there is a lien on vehicle ?

free vehicle lien check ?

Who pays for your stolen vehicle?

If you have comprehensive coverage on your vehicle, that is the coverage that will pay for your stolen vehicle.

How to do a motorcycle lien search free?

your local DMV or vehicle licensing office can tell you if the VIN has a lien on it or reported stolen for FREE. You may want to check the VIN with them before you hand over any cash.

Checka vehicle if is stolen for free?

Just contact your local police department, and provide them with the VIN.

How do you check a VIN for free?

Go to and go to the fraud prevention tool bar. You will see a section that says VINCHECK. You enter your vin and that's it. It's the only free one out there but all it showes is if the vehicle is stolen or totaled.

Where can I perform a title check online?

You certainly can check this online. The website you require is This site allows you to check for stolen vehicles and if the vehicle has monies owing on it.

How do you check on the status of a stolen vehicle report for mohave county Arizona?

Contact the investigating agency and ask.

Where can you get a free vehicle VIN check online?

If you are looking for a free complete history report, you will not find any because free vehicle reports simply do not exist.

What are some benefits of stolen vehicle tracking?

Major benefit of stolen vehicle tracking is being able to identify and locate any stolen vehicle using GPS tracking. Also cars with stolen vehicle tracking can be subject to reduced insurance premiums.

Find a Free VIN Check?

form_title=Find a Free VIN Check form_header=By checking the VIN number you can see the history of the vehicle including repairs and accidents. What will you be using this information for?=_ Are you the owner of this vehicle in question?= () Yes () No Have you ever had a free vin check before?= () Yes () No

What happen if you have a stolen template on your vehicle?

If you have a stolen template on your vehicle then the car is not legal to be on the road. Call the motor vehicle office to have the problem resolved.

where can i get a 100% FREE VIN# CHECK?

IS there a lean on this Vehicle Vin# 1FASE52U4WA119827 and if there is

Where can I get a free vin check to make sure a watercraft isn't stolen before purchase?


If your auto is hit by a stolen vehicle who will pay for losses like deductibles and other expenses?

You or your insurance company. The owner of the stolen vehicle would not be responsible because their vehicle was stolen and the driver of the stolen vehicle's insurance would not cover it because he was driving a vehicle that was not on his policy and he did not have permission to drive.



How can you get a title for a car that doesn't have one?

You have to apply for one through your state DMV. Hopefully, the car was never reported stolen. There are several auto title companies that can replace it if you can't get one from your state. As far as the stolen thing, there is a free VIN check at National Insurance Crime Bureau that can tell you if a vehicle is stolen. I did the whole thing for around $300

How can I locate my car if I have stolen vehicle tracking on it?

The stolen vehicle tracking company should provide you with a toll free or local phone number for you to call. Once you contact them they will initiate the tracking device. You will also be asked to contact the police who will actually recover the automobile for you.

How do you find free vin check?

Go to and get unlimited free VIN checks and vehicle history reports!

How could one find a stolen vehicle with LoJack?

With motor vehicle theft topping the charts as the #1 property crime in the U.S., LoJack fills a clear market need for an effective stolen vehicle recovery solution. The LoJackå¨ Stolen Vehicle Recovery System provides car owners with peace of mind knowing that if their vehicle is stolen, they have the best chance of getting it back.

How long does it take to get insurance money for a stolen car and the car was found?

You will get the car back and plus they will give you the money to repair all damages on the vehicle. You will not get a check for the full amount of the car unless its totaled. You must have comprehensive in order to have coverage on a vehicle that has been stolen.

What is the purpose of a police car registration check?

A police car registration check is used to ensure that the vehicle is not stolen and that their are no active warrants for the owner. They also check to make sure that the plate numbers are correct.