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U need to find the DRIVER for C language that will connect to Oracle or Access Database and then access that driver through C program.

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Q: How can you connect to a database such as Oracle or Access in C?
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How to connect database in C programming language c?

It depends on the database (eg Oracle, MySql, Postgresql), obviously.

How do you connect to an Access database using C plus plus?

The easiest way to access an Access database from C++ is to use ODBC. An access database can easily be setup as an ODBC data source. The "Connection Strings" website provides you with many alternatives and 'connection string' syntax to complete this, too. Try;

How is Oracle connected with C or C plus plus?

Need to find out the Oracle Connecting driver's that work for C or C++. e.g. Java uses JDBC-ODBC driver to connect to Oracle data base ..... (4 different types of JDBC drivers are available) There should be such drivers for C or C++ language as well ..... Google on C++ Oracle driver .... You can use the Oracle precompiler (Pro*C) or the Oracle Call Interface (OCI). OCILIB is an open source and cross platform Oracle Driver that delivers really fast and reliable access to Oracle databases.

Connect c language to internet database?

Yes, you can write a program in C language which connects to a database.

How do you connect sql with c?

That depends on the database you want to connect to. If you want to connect to a MySQL database, for instance, you can use the MySQL client libraries, which provide a set of functions you can use from a C program to connect to a MySQL server database. Or alternatively, you can use an ODBC driver to connect to any database (as long as you have the right driver installed).

Can you access database by c?


What is precompiler in oracle?

The Oracle Precompilers are used to process C, COBOL, or PL/I programs before passing them to their native compilers. Oracle Precompilers translate embedded SQL statements in the programs into the appropriate native language statements and calls necessary to access the Oracle9i database server.

Can you connect to database in unix environment using c or c plus plus languages?

Yes. You need a library, such as Oracle Pro*C to do that. Depending on your requirements and/or desires, you can use the native (OCI) method, or you can use the imbedded (precompiler) method.

What has the author David C Kreines written?

David C. Kreines has written: 'Oracle data dictionary pocket reference' -- subject(s): Database management, Oracle (Computer file) 'Oracle database administration' -- subject(s): Oracle (Computer file), Relational databases, SQL (Computer program language)

How do you connect to a database in C or C Plus Plus?

The C and C++ languages do not have standard libraries to manage databases, you need to use the libraries provided by the compiler, or database vendors or any 3rd party libraries to connect and manage databases. You can find libraries and examples of connecting to MySQL, Oracle and Sybase databases from here:

How do you connect an postgress sql database in C?


How to connect c program with oracle?

You can use Oracle Call Interface or nested SQL with Pro*C precompiler. Of course you have to use the documentation (available on-line).

How do you connect oracle with c?

You'll have to get the object code to link in some of the utilities.

Database accessing using C?

It is possible, but you have to know what kind of database do you want to access, as well as the opearting system and C-compiler your are using.

How do you add a file to an website in connect with a database using aspnet with c?

Via FTP.

How does oracle differ from c plus plus?

The first in a company developping a well-known database system, the second is a programming language.

How do you connect C offline application with the MySQL database placed at remote server?

We use an online MySQL database for both online and offline applications.

How connect database ie ms access with C plus plus?

There are many different ways to connect a database (or DBMS) with C++, but database connectivity is not actually part of the C++ language itself. This aspect is handled by 3rd party data access components or classes. You specifically mentioned MS Access, so you'll want to specifically look at the Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC), Data Access Objects (DAO), OLE DB, ActiveX Data Objects (ADO), Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), Microsoft Joint Engine Technology (JET) and Microsoft Access Engine (ACE Engine), to name but a few of the possibilities available. Consult your IDE documentation to see what's available and consult your DBMS documentation for connectivity options. With so many options, connecting to the DBMS is actually the easy part (you simply have to decide which method is most appropriate to you). But a good understanding of SQL is required to make any use of that connectivity.

Is there anyway to convert filemaker databases into c plus plus or Visual Basic files?

Not that I'm aware of. But since Filemaker is a database, you can use C++ to access the database just as you would use C++ to create SQL queries on an SQL database. Think of Filemaker as being the backend to your C++ program.

Advantage of an Oracle Database system?

Advantages provided by a database system are : a) Redundancy of data is reduced. b) Secured data. c) Controlled data inconsistency. d) Integrated data. e) Standardized data

What is the relationship between database and c plus plus?

There is none. While you can access databases from C++, the two concepts are fundamentally different.

How do you link css to a database?

CSS, Cascading Style Sheet, is a formatting tool. It can not connect to a database. You need to use a programming language like C#, JavaScript, or PHP.

In Which language Oracle Developed?

Oracle is developed using C language...

What is The difference between Oracle 9i and MS SQL Server 2000?

It is not true that SQL Server 2000 is better than Oracle 9i or vice versa. Both products can be used to build stable and efficient system and the stability and effectiveness of your applications and databases depend rather from the experience of the database developers and database administrator than from the database's provider. But SQL Server 2000 has some advantages in comparison with Oracle 9i and vice versa. The SQL Server 2000 advantages: * SQL Server 2000 is cheaper to buy than Oracle 9i Database. * SQL Server 2000 holds the top TPC-C performance and price/performance results. * SQL Server 2000 is generally accepted as easier to install, use and manage. The Oracle 9i Database advantages: * Oracle 9i Database supports all known platforms, not only the Windows-based platforms. * PL/SQL is more powerful language than T-SQL. * More fine-tuning to the configuration can be done via start-up parameters.

What is difference between c and pro c?

C is the computer language bases on K&R's language that has evolved over the years. It includes C++, as extended by Stroustroup.. Pro*C is an Oracle precompiler that will read a C or C++ program, detect Oracle extensions to it, and convert it to native code for subsequent processing by the C or C++ compiler. This involves building the data structures and function calls needed to use Oracle while passing the non-Oracle C or C++ code through intact. The amalgamated code is then processed by the C or C++ compiler and it now works with Oracle.