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How can you convince your friend about the misunderstanding about love between him and his girlfriend?


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You didn't go into much detail, but I take it you don't approve of the girl he is going with and don't feel he loves her. Although you may see things in this girl you don't like it is really none of you business. You are a good friend to care, but your friend needs to find out what type of girl this is. That's what relationships are all about. Because you don't care for her, doesn't mean she isn't a nice girl and no one could know her better than your friend. There are things between them you will never know. You have to make sure if you are a female friend that inwardly you aren't jealous of this girl, and if you are a male friend be sure you are not jealous of losing your friend and feeling alone. The best thing you can do is stay out of it and let the relationship either blossom or fade. Marcy


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Tell him, "If I had feelings for him, I'd be his girlfriend.

you try to get proof that she's lying and then when u get it, show it 2 ur friend

Your friend is going to see what they want to see; so all you can do is try to convince him the best you can. If he doesn't see what you see then you will just have to let him come around to it on his own.

Girlfriend/Boyfriend is someone you have sex with, a friend is someone who has a friendship with you.

If her friend can convince her to leave you and its working... shes not worth wasting your time with.. Find a girl that is more mature and can think for herself.

girl friend is a friend that is girl and not a best friend and girl friend is best friend

lady friend is just a friend girlfriend is a relationship or where he just wants to get her in bed and make love

You can't convince him. You can tell him and your reasons for thinking he is not a good friend but ultimatly he must make up his mind.

You invite have her invite her friend over then u say we should go upstairs then u tell ur gf u wanna have sex and u wanna include her friend casually and start prepping for it then u start touching to convince her

A friend is just a friend, and a lover is your boyfriend/girlfriend, or husband/wife. However, it helps if your partner is also your best friend!

It is best to convince a friend to not drive by giving them other options. Tell the friend that someone else will drive for them.

i think if he is happy with his girlfriend you shouldn't come in between that because is you say your his best friend you wouldn't do that cause that's not what best friends do. I think that is he has a girlfriend you have to tell yourself to let your friend be happy and let fate discide what happens

Suggestion: Convince them to do something more fun to them then runescape.

kesha don't have a girlfriend/but her only girlfriend is her friend

Itz bros before hoes. straight flat:)

You just have to deal with it! Be nice or your girlfriend will have to choose between her friend and you, and trust me, I would pick my friend!

Then the real question is why isn't your best friend your girlfriend........?

There isn't one. Being a "girlfriend" implies some level of intimacy. Being a friend means a platonic relationship (no intimacy). Commit yourself to one or the other.

There is something going on that you don't know about ( Id say) between your x girlfriend and the x girlfriends best Friend. Best bet is that the Xgirlfriend said to her friend " don't talk to my x boyfriend anymore.

A girlfriend you are together on occasion, a wife you are partners in life.

does your friend's girlfriend have feelings for you too? and you need to figure out which is more important to you, your friend and your current girlfriend? or your friend's girlfriend... i can't help you that much sorry :(

no because then your girlfriend would be cheating on you with your friend and you will be mad

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