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How can you determine which wire go to ignition speakers battery and ground when installing a stereo in a Hyundai Scoupe?


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2015-07-15 18:23:46
2015-07-15 18:23:46

If you are using a harness, yes, red is accessory, yellow is constant, and black is ground. If you cut the harness off, your going to have to get a multimeter and test each wire individually cause stock wires are rarely ever that color. Constant will stay at 12 volts when the car is off or on. Accessory will only have 12 volts when the car is on. Your going to have to use a speaker popper and find out what wires are what speaker and make sure the polarity is correct. If this is to complicated for you take it to a pro, you can definently harm something if you screw up.

The instructions should spell this out. Normally red is power, black or green is ground.


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