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How can you do an oil change on a ford ranger 2000?

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November 10, 2008 7:41AM

First take off the oil cap under the hood. Under the truck,

about center between the seats, you'll find the oil pan and the

drain plug. with you oil catch pan right under the plug, unscrew

the plug. An adjustable wrench should do the job. When the oil is

down to about a drop a second, close it back up. move your catch

pan towards the driver side under the oil filter. The filter can be

taken off from under the hood either by hand or with a strap

wrench. Leave the old filter on the catch pan upside down so it can

drain. Put in your new filter in, just past hand tight and refill

the oil (about 4 quarts). idle the engine for a minute or two, turn

it off and check the oil level again. Don't forget to put the oil

cap back on!

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