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Before leaping into the litigation arena one should determine if it is legal to participate in online gambling in the state in which one lives. Most states have laws prohibiting said action and the federal government is still carrying on the debate of whether or not the Wire Act is applicable. In addition, the party involved should consider all the consequences in initiating a lawsuit; casinos are not in the business of losing money in any venue, including a court of law. All casinos employ a veritable army of litigators who are proficient in all legal areas, including state and federal regulations, tax laws, credit card usage and so forth. The burden of proof would be upon the plaintiff, and it would take a considerable amount of hard, substantiated evidence to even have a small chance of prevailing. Nevertheless, seeking advice from legal counsel would be the best option. Most attorneys offer free or minimal fee consultations, and all state bar associations offer free referral services.

AnswerFirst you have to determine where the on-line casino exists. Many on-line casinos are located overseas and outside the jurisdiction of the United States. Therefore, you either have to sue them where they are located or convince a court in this country that it has "long arm" jurisidiction over them to hear your suit. But even if "long arm" jurisdiction is applicable, they may not show up in court and allow you to get a default judgment against them. Then, how do you propose to collect on the judgment if the company is overseas and has no assets in this country? You would have to go to where they are located and convince a court there that it should recognize and enforce the judgment you obtained in the U.S. Lots of luck!

This is one of the reasons why you should not be using on-line casinos to gamble. Many are located overseas and are not regulated by any reputable government agency. Therefore, you have absolutely no assurance that their games are honest. I suggest you chaulk this one up to "stupidity" and learn from your mistake.

AnswerI find it interesting that the initial answer assumes you are playing from the USA (unless this is noted elsewhere on the site). Are you playing from the US? If you are you have little legal recourse as you will have been playing in a site licensed (more than likely) in Costa Rica, Belieze or one of the Caribbean states where you wont have a legal leg to stand on.

As the answer directly above indicates each online casino will be regulated by the Jurisdiction which issue its license. Some jurisdictions are better than others are following up on player complaints. The site you chose to gamble with will have this information on their main page (usually a crest or link at the bottom of the main page). Hopefully you were playing in a casino regulated in a reputable jurisdiction (the UK, Gibraltar, Malta or Guernsey are good examples).

So that is where you sue them....HOWEVER......

It is highly unlikely that this site developed their own blackjack software, they more than likely license their casino software off one or more I-Gaming software development companies who specialize in developing such games. These people don't develop rigged software, its pointless to do so when the game already has a built in edge for the house. Also keep in mind all online blackjack games shuffle the deck after each hand, thus ensuring the house should keep hitting its theoretical edge over minimal periods (no large swings of high or low cards to contend with).

The software companies that design this software will have to have had their mathematical game models and code verified by an independent testing body in order to allow client companies licensed in a specific jurisdiction to use this software. TST in Vancouver, BMM in Europe and Itech Labs in Australia are three that spring to mind.

So you are going to need to prove to the relevant regulatory authority that the software used by a licensed gaming company, designed by a licensed gaming software designer and tested by an independent third party is corrupt.

Not likely is it.

However in the highly (and I do mean highly) unlikely chance that you are dealing with the one company that does think they need to cheat players (as opposed to just letting them play) then you would start by contacting the regulatory body and lodging your complaint there.

Be prepared to be told you are wrong, as you more than likely are.

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If I tell you that I tried more than 100 online casinos worldwide. I have seen that you are saying MALTA, GIBRALTAR, GUERNSEY are reputable casinos and licensed. I oppose to your comment since I contacted with LGA (Lotteries & Gaming Commissioon of Malta) they are the worst government to rely on. Trust all the casinos in MALTA and online are totally non-trustable and these guys LGA are never watching on them, they let them do cheat on players. I have hours of play in video and I have figured out that they manipulate the software at certain times. It is a real manipulation that they set the PAY OUT limit at different intervals... I can give you an example you opened a table and start playing ROULETTE and you bet 50 euros. If the casino is set to payout 50 euros at the time being you may get that 50 euros and win but if the casino is not set to 50 euros for sure you are not getting it no matter how good you bet or what percentage of the table you cover. I am writing all this to you that everybody knows the truth about GAMING COMMISSIONS and ONLINE GAMING WEBSITES. Another instance is that they don't want you to record their software they immediately block the casino account. All indicates that they are doing illegal stuff and software companies such as microgaming, playtech, RNG and many other is a part of this big scam..Other organisations that you should avoid is E-COGRA a bunch of liers. Do you think they ever check on them... I tried to reason and filed many complaints they never returned any of them and also they are scared to talk to me because they know what kind of people they are covering up for... Please read their Terms and Conditions on their website. Also this KAHNAWAKE GAMING COMMISSION OF Canada is in a territory which is out of jurisdiction as well. This organisation is even the WORST I have ever seen they don't even respond to e-mail complaints they also block them. All I can say is they are there to share the amount they have stolen from players. IF YOU CAN NEVER PLAY AT ONLINE CASINOS........ THIS IS A FRIENDLY REMINDER....... THEY ARE THE MOST LEGAL ILLEGAL ORGANISATIONS.... EVEN THE GOVERNMENTS ARE INVOLVED...

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Q: How can you file a lawsuit against an online casino if you can prove their Blackjack is predetermined?
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