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Unfortunately the only way I know how you can get your A# by name is to show up at an Immigration office with legal identification. They can look it up for you. I am now trying to get their number on the phone but with out any luck.

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โˆ™ 2010-03-20 21:07:41
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Q: How can you find an alien number by name?
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Where to find alien registration number on l1 visa?

Alien Registration Number is only for Green Card holders.

Where do naturalized US citizens with a US passport find their alien registration number?

where do naturalized US citizens with a US passport find their alien registration number? Answer #2 if you are a naturalized US citizen with a passport you no longer have the alien registration number as you are a naturalized Citizen.

Where would I find the alien number on my passport?

on mars

Where do you find alien energy cells in Fallout 3?

you can not find any energy cells in Fallout 3 after you find the ones with the alien blaster, you are limited to that number

How do you find an alien registration number?

Your Alien Registration Number is an 8 digit number which may be found in your passport or other documents provided to you as proof of legal permanent residence.

What does alien number mean?

In the US, an alien number refers to the alien registration number. It is an 8 or 9-digit number.

What is an alien name?

i will name an alien, henme

What is the difference between a visa number and alien number?

There is not much difference and there is a LOT of difference! A visa number is assigned to a person entering the USA. It later can become his/her Resident Alien number if alien status is granted. An alien number (usually from your visa number) is assigned to you when you have been granted legal Resident Alien status.

I need my alien registration number now and you cant get a hold of it can you find it on the internet by entering all your information?

You cannot get you alien registration number on the internet. If you do not have any of your documentation, you need to send a FOIA request to USCIS for you immigration documents that they have on file. You will then be able to find you number on these documents.

Where on the green card is the alien registration number located and how many places can the alien number be found on the green card?

The alien registration number starts with the A.

Can a illegal alien have an alien Number?

No he kan not have a ilegal alien number.

How an illegal alien can get an alien registration number?

An illegal alien can get an alien registration number by filing for one from the INS Bureau. The illegal alien will need to show proof of identity such as a birth certificate.

Where can you find pictures of an alien?

in a alien museum

Where is the alien registration number found in the I-20?

Generally speaking, there is no alien number (A number) in the Form I-20. F-1 students who have an EAD card for optional practical training (OPT) can usually find their 9-digit A number on the EAD card.

What is the name of an alien look like a lizard?

The name is Green Alien

Do US citizens have alien registration numbers?


Is Admission number the same with Alien registration number?

No. Alien Admission numbert is on I-94. but Alien Registration number will be given by USCIS when you apply for green card (check this),

Can you find alien registration number on your tourist Visa?

Alien number is available only for Persons applied for Adjustment of status [I-485] , GC holders and Citizens only. Alien number will be also available in I-140 approval notice of the particular person. The persons who are in non immigrant visas, then they have to provide SSN or Tax ID number [IRS number] for verification.

Definition of an alien receipt number?

An alien receipt number is the number that is found on your passport. This number is used to identify you while you are in other countries.

What is the difference between case number and alien number?

It is located on your NOA2 it is knows as the A Number as it starts with an A.It is located on the line that Beneficiary and has the Beneficiary name.

What is the birth name of Alien Virtual?

Alien Virtual's birth name is Nick Peterson.

You lost all papers how do you find alien number?

Call Immigration office...they gonna give it to

Is alien number same as naturalization number?

Yes, I have the same alien registration number and naturalization number.I am from India residing in usa.

Your wife lost her green card and in order to get a new card she needs her alien number How do you find it?

I just recently lost my alien card and was at a loss when asked for an alien number to reapply for a new card. I finally called my birth country's consulate( in this case the Korean consulate in nyc) and they were very obliging to give me the alien # over the phone after a few questions.

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