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Go to www.Google.com and search "36th Cavalry Squadron during World War 2"

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How do you find information on the 36th Cavalry Recon Squadron in World War 2 and did they belong to the 11th Group and their relationship to the Blackhorse Unit?

The 36th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron was assigned the the US Ninth Army after it arrived in France, November 26, 1944.

What squadron did Jimmy Stewart command during World War 2?

He commanded the 703rd Bombardment Squadron After he was promoted from officer

Where was 178 Squadron based during WW1?

The 178 Squadron was based in the RAF. It was based in Egypt, Libya and Italy during the First World War. This squadron was involved in the operations that supported the Polish Home Army in Warsaw in 1944.

What weapon introduced during World War 1 replaced the cavalry?

The tank and other motorized vehicles replaced horses. Some armies still had horse cavalry during World War 2, but they were hopelessly obsolete. Modern armies kept the unit names "cavalry" for mechanized armor, and later for helicopter units (air cavalry).

Where was Cappy airfield during World War 1?

In the Somme valley. It was where Richthofen squadron was stationed.

Was the World War 2 25th Calvary Recon Squad a part of an infantry division and if so which infantry?

The 25th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron (Mechanized) was assigned to the 4th Armored Division during WW 2. Richard V. Horrell WW 2 Connections.com

What Royal Air Force squadron became known as the Dambusters?

Number 617 Squadron RAF became commonly known as the Dambusters. This is due to their actions during Operation Chastise against German dams during World War II.

Which squadron did Patrick Moore serve in?

Patrick Moore was a navigator in Bomber Command during World War 2.

What is the collective nouns for planes?

The collective nouns are:A fleet of planesA squadron of planes.

In which world ward did the Aztec Eagles fighter squadron battle the Japanese?

War? The Aztec Eagles fought on The Allies side during World War 2

Was there any Mexicans in the World War 2?

Yes. Escuadron 201 (201st Squadron) was a Mexican fighter squadron that aided the Allied war effort during World War II. The squadron was attached to the 58th Fighter Group of the US Army Air Forces during the liberation of the main Philippine island of Luzon in the summer of 1945. The pilots flew P-47D-30-RA "Thunderbolt" single-seat fighter aircraft carrying out tactical air support missions.

Why were people called buffalo soldiers only during the civil war and World War 1?

Buffalo soldiers was a term used to describe black horse cavalry soldiers. WWI demonstrated the days of mounted cavalry were over

How many planes are in a squadron?

The number of aircraft assigned to a squadron varies depending on the type of squadron and the nationality. For World War Two, most of the time: United States: Army Air Force-Fighter Squadron is 25+ Army Air Force-Bomber Squadron is 12 to 16 Navy Fighter Squdron is 16 to 32 Navy Dive Bomber, Torpedo Bomber or Scout Bomber Squadron is 12 to 18 Japan: Army Fighter or Bomber Squadron (Chutai) is 9 to 12 Navy Fighter or Bomber Squadron (Chutai) is 6 to 12 Great Britain: RAF Fighter Squadron is 12 RAF Bomber Squadron is 6 to 12 France 1939-1940: Army Fighter or Bomber Squadron (Escadrille) is 9 Germany: Luftwaffe Fighter Squadron (Staffel) is 12 Luftwaffe Bomber Squadron (Staffel) is 9

What was the Eagle Squadron?

The Eagle Squadron was comprised of American volunteers who flew for the Royal Air Force before the USA entered World War II.

What did ss mean in World War 2?

SchutzStaffel (Shield Squadron)

What was size of World War 2 cavalry unit?

The US 26th Cavalry (Horse) fought the LAST "Horse Cavalry Action" (against Japanese tanks) in the Philippines in 1942. Congress no longer authorized the US Cavalry (Horse) at the end of '42.

What did WAFS stand for in world war 2?

Women's Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron

What was the battle of la about?

It was about aliens invading the world and a squadron fighting against the aliens.

Is there any value for Blida's Bombers book by Eric M Summers plus 3 Target charts?

The book was written by Eric Summers, a member of 150 Squadron RAF during World War II, and documents the history of the squadron up to and including 1942-1943 when it was stationed in Blida, North Africa. The book was published on a very limited run and a copy was given to each squadron member. There were no further issues published. The book's value is limited to survivors and descendants of squadron members or obscure history buffs.

What does SS means in World War 2?

Schutzschaffel or Protection Squadron, or Defense Corps.

What part did sassoon play in WW1?

He was a cavalry trooper in the world war 1.

How were horses in world war 1 trained?

Dressage Training for the Cavalry Units.

Who is the greatest generals during world war 2?

Erwin Rommel, a German General, is arguable the most influential and effective general during WW2. Tank commanders in the US armored cavalry still implement strategies, created by Rommel.

Was Mexico an ally in World War 1?

yes. Much of the world was part of the allies in WWII but what is more intersting about Mexico is that a Mexican Air Squadron (air planes) acutally fought in a battle during WWII. I belive it was in the Battle of Leyte Gulf.

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