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How can you find out if the AC has been changed from a R-12 to a R-134 What would happen if you add R-134 to a R-12 System?


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July 25, 2010 10:56PM

By law when a system has been converted it must be labeled as so, a proper conversion has the shrader valve adapters installed 134a much larger.

if you mix the 2 the oils are not compatible 134a requires PAG or POE oils, R12 uses mineral oil, mixture cause chem brake down of hose, insufficient lube of compressor. component failure, very expensive repair. if you just want to "top up" the system you can use hp40, compatible with both, but very expensive, or the cheaper RedTek, works good for topping up but not good for complete system recharge, RedTek is propane with additives to make it less" explosive " as system pressures and temps rise in system plus the location in an engine bay, gives me the willies.

For peace of mind contact a cert AC tech and have the system checked or converted