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Contact the 350th Infantry Regiment Veteran's Association.

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Q: How can you find people who served with your relative in the 350 Infantry Reg 88 during World War 2?
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Where can you find a list of the soldiers who served in the 77th infantry division during World War 2?

You can find a list of those who served in the 77th infantry division in a book entitled, "Ours To Hold It High."

What division was the fifth infantry from?

Fifth Infantry Regiment served as part of the 71st Infantry Division in WWII.

Where did the US 56th Infantry regiment serve in world war 1?

The 56th served as part of the U.S. 6th Infantry Division during WWI. Its primary combat service in France was during the Meuse-Argonne offensive near the end of the war.

How can you find a list of men who served in Company B 15th Infantry 3rd Infantry Division during World War 2?

I have a list of all the men that served in the 15th Infantry Regiment during WW 2. Unfortunately it is not broken down by "Company," but alphabetical for the entire regiment. Please feel free to e-mail me with the question(s) that you have so that I may try to assist you. Richard V. Horrell WW 2 need to know if my grandfather served in this section of WWII.

Where did the 111th Infantry serve during World War 2?

The 3rd Battalion, 111th Infantry, served on Makin Island in the Gilbert Islands (Butaritari); Next they served on Kwajalein Island in the Marshalls; Then Peleliu in the Palau Islands; and finally on Koror in the Palau Islands. Read my book, Common Warfare, published by McFarland and Co.

How many people served in the Navy during World War 2?

In the US Navy, 2,981,365 persons served during WW2.

What was the Korean military White Horse Division?

9th Korean Infantry Division. Served in Vietnam where my avaiation company worked for them. Wonderful people.

How any people served in the German Military during World War 2?

around 18.2 Million people served in the German Military during World War 2.

Did Richard Nixon have a relative who served as a president?


What is the difference between veteran volunteer infantry and volunteer infantry in the civil war?

The U.S. Veteren Volunteer Infantry was the Federal Government's first attempt to form a Federal Army, made up of battle hardened Veteran from all states, who were provided a bounty of about 3 years regular Army wages, and their own Henry rifles. The volunteer infantry were State raised, non drafted men who served their State in the infantry. Nearly all soldiers in the U.S. Veteran Volunteer Infantry (VVI) had originally served their States as volunteer infantry for a number of years.

What regiment or unit uses polar bear as symbol?

339th infantry Regiment and 31st Infantry Regiment, U.S. Army. The units took the name of "Polar Bears" after they, and others, served in the Arctic region of Russia during and just after the First World War. They were there during the Russian Revolution that brought the Soviet Union into existance.

How many solders served during desert storm?

Approximately 900,000 US service people served in DS.

Who is Thomas Davee Chamberlain?

A general of the 20th Maine infantry. He served in the Battle of Gettysburg.

Did himmler ever serive the military service?

Heinrich Himmler did served for the German Empire during World War 1 between 1917 and 1918. He was in the German Army and served in the 11th Bavarian Infantry Regiment. He only had a rank of Fahnenjunker (Cadet).

What has the author Percy Edward Deckard written?

Percy Edward Deckard has written: 'List of officers who served with the 371st Infantry and Headquarters, 186th Infantry Brigade during the World War' -- subject(s): American Personal narratives, United States, United States. Infantry. 371st Regiment, 1917-1919, World War, 1914-1918

How many men in a MAT team in Vietnam?

There were 5 Army soldiers on a MAT team. 2 Infantry Officers and 3 NCO's. The NCO's were a medic, light weapons infantry and heavy (crew-served) weapons infantry.

What is the movie platoon's view on the Vietnam war?

"Platoon" (Film) is a quasi biography of actor/director Oliver Stone. He served in the 25th Infantry Division (depicted in film) during the Vietnam War.

How many people served in the Union army during the Civil War?


Does anyone have a photo of Company H of the 111Th Infantry Division of the 28Th Infantry Division that served in World War 1?

Unfortunatly I do not at the moment however I do know that someone in my family has a picture of several men in the company. I am unsure as to where it is. My great grandfather served in the company too. :)

Who are the men and women being released from prison?

People who have served their sentences.People who have served their sentences.People who have served their sentences.People who have served their sentences.

How do you find information on your father who served during World War 2 in the US Army 503rd Parachute Infantry Regiment in New Guinea?

You can check with the local VA office. They should be able to help you out.

Where was Sergeant Stubby buried?

The American pit bull terrier Sergeant Stubby who served with the 102nd Infantry in France during WW1 was interred in the The Price of Freedom: Americans at War exhibit at the Smithsonian in Washington DC.

Did Howard Stern serve in Vietnam?

No. Howard Stern jokingly says that he served in the 25th Infantry Division towards the end of war in Vietnam in 1973. He has never served in the military.

How many people from the state of Georgia served in the military during world war 2?


Where could you find a list of people who served with a relative in World War 2?

This could be available if you know the numerical designation of the unit your relative was a member of. You might try contacting Richard V. Horrell at WW 2