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get yourself 2 or 3 good size gear hose clamps , open them up and fasten each one together, making a metal strap , put this around the convertor ,and then just tighten them up ,when tight it will stay in place and no more noise.

I cut a hole in mine and removed a round piece of metal that was rattling between converter and shield

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 04:52:36
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Q: How can you fix a loose heat shield on a catalytic converter for a 1993 Ford Aerostar XL?
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What causes a rattling sound in engine?

Loose timing chain? Loose heat shield on catalytic converter?

2002 Chevy Trailblazer rattle in exhaust?

Perhaps a loose baffle in muffler Perhaps loose heat shield on catalytic converter

What could cause a catalytic converter to rattle.?

Catalytic converters do not rattle. If it does it will need to be replaced as it may block the exhaust. Loose heat shield?

How to stop the Rattling noise from a catalytic converter?

The heat shield on top of the converter may have broken loose. it can be repaired. If the rattling is inside the converter it must be replaced.

99 land-cruiser catalytic converter rattles. Could it be a gasket or the converter?

It more than likely is the heat shield on top of the converter. It probably has broken loose.

Why would a car be making a rattling noise?

Check to heat-shield at the catalytic converter because something is loose

Does a defective catalytic converter have a clanging or rattling sound?

Yes, it can and this may also be a loose or cracked converter heat shield.

How you stop rattling catalytic converter and 04yukon gmc?

More than likely the heat shield is cracked or loose. Repair or tighten it.

What kind of a plate is in the rear of a grand prix underneath it has come loose and is scraping on the ground?

It might be the gravel shield for the catalytic converter. It can be removed.

Why does your truck's catalytic converter rattle?

Becuase there is trash in it, or your exhaust is loose.

Will you use a lot of gas if your catalytic converter is bad?

Yes, and you will loose power.

What happen if the catalytic converter is plug?

Loose of power, hard starting, poor fuel mileage, and the converter will get red hot.

Why is your catalytic converter making rattling noises?

Its either loose or breaking down internally.

What is the strong rattle near the front right tire of your 1996 Nissan maxima?

Bad strut? Bad strut bearing? Loose exhaust component? Loose heat shield on catalytic converter?

Why does a 93 s10 loose vacuum around 2000 rpm?

A plugged catalytic converter could do that.

Why does a 95 s10 loose vacuum around 2000 rpm?

Plugged/damaged catalytic converter.

What would cause a rattaling rattling when excellerating in a car?

Rattling under acceleration is most often caused by your exhaust system. Check your heat shield for the catalytic converter or muffler. It may have come loose. Also, check the converter itself to see if some of the honeycomb inside has broken.

When you accelerate your 99 Tacoma makes a rattling noise?

Check for a loose catalytic convertere heat shield

Is it common for a catalytic converter to make a clicking sound?

Sometimes the heat shields around the outside of the converter break loose or rust out and causes a rattle noise.

Would your catalytic converter on Renault clio make a noise like baffles are gone when the car engine is hot and not cold?

There should be no noises near your catalytic converter on your Renault Clio. If there is a noise there is most likely a part that is loose on the converter or near the converter. It may not necessarily be the converter. I would chech around the area also for other noises.

Will a car run bad with a failed catalytic converter?

Yes, it will loose power and use an excessive amount of fuel.

What is that loud rattling noise under the front end of my car on the passengers side.?

Heat shield on catalytic converter? Loose shock or strut mount? Pebbles caught in hub cap? Lug bolt fell off in hub cap?

Exhaust pipe on 1997 Chevy Cavalier makes clanking sounds what's wrong and how can I fix it?

Check your heat shield by the catalytic converter, and the strap around the muffler. The heat shield has a tendency to come loose, and the strap rusts on almost every 3rd gen cavalier I've ever seen

Rear Manifold Catalytic Converter on an infinity i35?

my rear cat won't come loose(rusted) what's your advise

1993 mercury cougar and wheen i drive you heare a rattlely noise under the car could that be front end or rear end ore loose parts?

that is the heat shield on your catalytic converters rattling. very well known ford issue, can sometimes be fixed by driving self tappers into the shield and converter.

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