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a friend of mine told me you can break the mirror out carefully remove the pieces then reinstall the new mirror glass.

i just saw this on eBay the glass only kit for both mirrors with turn signals. kind of pricey but it is Ford OEM

2 Genuine Ford Mirror Kits with turn signals. This is a pair/set of Left side and Right side passenger/driver mirror kits.

This is the glass with a black casing and rear turn signal plug. The casing fits inside your existing outer shell on your vehicle. These are the mirror kits.

These were originally purchased for a 1998 Ford Expedition. It may work on other models or years but I do not know. The part numbers on the labels read ONE -YL3Z-17K707-AA Two-YL3Z-17K707-BA MIRROR KIT

The retail price on these is $225 each, $450 for the pair

heres the link,1&item=8028544020&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWA%3AIT

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Q: How can you fix the turn signal on a 2001 ford expedition mirror without having to buy a whole new mirror?
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