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How can you get a 1997 repossession off of your credit report?


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2015-07-15 18:33:37
2015-07-15 18:33:37 Getting it off? NOT likely. Improve it? Maybe, if you settle the debt with the lender. Get it marked "paid as agreed" IF you negotiate some type of deal with the lender. It is just a report of what happened. try the above link for more info. Good Luck


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No you cannot remove a repossession off your credit report if your cosigner has a judgement on the repossession.

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i need to get a repossession off my credit report

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Absolutely. Repossession, whether voluntary or involuntary, show on your credit report as a charged off account. This designation is similar to a collection account and shows that you did not repay the vehicle loan. Such a listing in your credit report would have a significant negative impact.

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If the repossession contains unverifiable, incorrect, incomplete, or misleading information, the account may be deleted from your credit report.

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One will have to prove to the CB that one wasnt responsible. It will likely involve paying an attorney. Good Luck.

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